Work Of Conversion Of Hp To Piped Water Supply Scheme Pichupara To Provide Fhtc Including One Year Defect Liability Period Under Jjm In The Jurisdiction Of Phed Sub Division Bandikui Distt Dausa.


India, Rajasthan, Bandikui



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06 Oct, 2022

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06 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 145 | Total Qty : 267154.13999999996
# Item Quantity Units
1 Construction of tube well from ground level & up to 100 mtr depth to accommodate housing and assembly pipe of following sizes in all type of alluvium strata unconsolidated formation such as pebbles, boulders etc. by percussion/rotary drilling method as per IS:2800 Part 1: 1991 and IS:2800 Part II: 1979 (both amended upto date) and technical specifications, with gravel as per IS:4097-1967 and it's packing as per IS: 2800 (Part I & II) 1979 as amended up to date (the work includes the cost of gravel & it's primary packing and packing during development, lowering of housing & strainer assembly pipes with supply and wrapping of coir-rope, wherever necessary for arresting fine sand particles and development work, but excluding the cost of housing and strainer pipe assembly). The work would be completed after obtaining sand free water. Nominal bore 200 mm dia. 300.000 Mtr
2 Construction of tube well after completion of drilling by rotary /percussion method & upto 100 mtr. depth in all type of rocks by DTH system as per IS:2800 Part 1: 1991 and IS:2800 Part II: 1979 (both amended upto date) and technical specifications. The work shall be deemed completed only after obtaining sand free water. The bore well should have a throughout nominal size bore beyond casing pipe. Nominal bore 200 mm dia. 500.000 Mtr
3 Add 15% extra on above item (Item No 2.3.1 to 2.3.2) for drilling depth beyond 100 mtr and up to 200 mtr from ground level, rate shall be applicable for only extra depth beyond 100 mtr and up to 200 mtr. 400.000 Mtr
4 Supply of ERW M.S. black casing pipe ISI marked (IS: 4270/2001) or amended up to date of following sizes . 200 mm dia NB (Thickness of pipe 5.4mm & mass of tube 28.46 Kg/m) 304.000 Mtr
5 Supply & Fixing tube well cover of MS sheet 8mm thick at top & 5mm thick 100mm wide shroud around the edge so as to form a cap on the top end of casing pipe with GI Nipple 45cm long & two GI flanges at both ends in 80mm sizes passing through a hole in the centre of MS sheet. A 25 mm socket with end plug shall also be welded over top plate. A GI nipple having outside thread of size 1/2" (for installation pressure gauge) shall be provided & welded with 80mm GI nipple near top plate nipple shall be provided with end plug.200 mm dia 4.000 Each
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