Ward No.-9 Construction Of Cc Road And Drain From Anand Mushroom In Basharatpur To Pk Das S House From Nand Lal Sharma S House To Pramod Ram S House.

Tendering Authority: Gorakhpur Development Authority

India, Uttar Pradesh, Gorakhpur



Last Date For Submission

10 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

10 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items
# Item Quantity Units
1 Road & Drain Work
2 Dismantling of Old B.O.E. existing soling and stacking of dismentaled bricks at site required for proper completion of the work as directed by E/I. (PWD Ch.NSI Item No.1) 1347.50 Sqm
3 Construction of granular sub-base by providing coarse graded material, spreading in uniform layers with motor grader on prepared surface, mixing by mix in place method with rotavator at OMC, and compacting with vibratory roller to achieve the desired density, complete as per clause 401.(AR) 342.32 Cum
4 EARTH FILLING WORK: Construction of embankment with material obtained from burrowpit. construction of embankment with approved material abtained from burrowepits with all lift and heads transporting to site 8.00Km. spreading, grading to requird slope and compacting to proper requirement of table 300-2 of MORTH. 75.00 Cum
5 Providing and laying in position ready mixed or site batched design mix cement concrete for reinforced cement concrete work; using coarse aggregate and fine aggregate derived from natural sources, Portland Pozzolana / Ordinary Portland /Portland Slag cement, admixtures in recommended roportions as per IS: 9103 to accelerate / retard setting of concrete, to improve durability and workability ithout impairing strength; including pumping of concrete to site of laying, curing, carriage for all leads; but excluding the cost of centering, shuttering, finishing and reinforcement as per direction of the engineer-in-charge; for the following grades of concrete. Concrete of M25 grade with minimum cement content of 330 kg /cum (DSR No-5.33.1) 254.10 Cum
6 P/L 125 micron polythene sheet as per direction of E/I (PWD SOR 2014) 1540.00 Sqm
7 Excavation in foundation in ordinary soil (loam clay or sand) including lift upto 1.5m. & lead upto 30m. Including filling , watering & ramming of excavated earth into the trenches or into the space between the building & the sides of foundation trenches or in to the plinth removal & disposal of surplus earth as directed by the engineer in charge upto a distance of 30m from the foundation trenches. (Excluding Royalty) SOR SI-251 22.68 Cum
8 Concrete with 4.00cm gauge stone ballast, coarse sand and cement in the proportion 8:4:1 in foundation and under floors including supply of all materials, labour and tools and plants etc. required for the proper completion of the work. (S.I.No-281) 8.78 Cum
9 M-150 Brick work in 1:4 ( 1cement : 4 coarse sand) in foundation and plinth including supply of all materials, labour and T & P etc. required for proper completion of the work.(S.I.No-305) 16.500 Cum
10 Cement concrete with 2cm gauge approved stone grit, coarse sand & cement in the proportion of 4:2:1 including supply of all materials, labour, Tools & plants etc. required for proper completion of the work. 6.100 Cum
11 12mm thick plaster with cement and coarse sand in 1:4 over brick work minimum thickness not to be less than 10mm thick including supply of all materials, labour and T & P etc. required for proper completion of the work.(S.I.No-584 A) 233.40 Sqm
12 R.C.C work with cement , approved coarse sand & 2cm gauge approved slone grit in proportions of 1:1.5:3 in slab excluding supply of reinforcement andits bending , but including its fixing and binding the same with 24 B.W. G.G.I binding wire and shuttering tetc and supply of all materials labour tools & plants etc required for proper completion of the work including cost of binding wire . the rate excludes maing of drip course which shall be paid extra.(S.I.No-284 A) 13.61 Cum
13 Steel reinforcement for R.C.C. work including straightening, cutting, bending, placing in position and binding all complete upto plinth level. (Thermo mechanically Treated bars of grade Fe-500D or more.) (DSR 5.22.6/2021 ) 118.30 Qtl
14 S/F of PVC pipe 160mm kg pressure (S.I.No-Mat/30) 14.00 Rmt
15 Providing and laying of 80mm thick rubber moulded interloking tiles...(PWD SOR New item no 1) 465.60 Sqm
16 Brick edging on both sides of the road of first class bricks 8cm. (3") wide and 12cm. (4.5") deep laid with mud mortar including labour & supply of bricks finished to the required template and in proper alignment and also including dressing ramming the excavated earth as directed by the Engineer-in-charge. (S.I.No-765) 770.00 Rmt
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