Vitrified Flooring Of Sdl And Lro Office At Adda 3rd Administrative Building At City Centre, Durgapur.


India, West Bengal, Durgapur



Last Date For Submission

10 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

10 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 6 | Total Qty : 1177
# Item Quantity Units
1 Dismantling artificial stone flooring unto 50 mm thick carefully chiseling without damaging the base and removing rubbish as directed within a lead of 75 m 550.00 Sqm
2 Supplying and laying true to line and level vitrified tiles of approved brand (size not less than 600 mm X 600 mm X 10 mm thick) in floor, skirting etc. set in 20 mm sand cement mortar (1:4) and 2 mm thick cement slurry back side of tiles using cement @ 2.91Kg./sqM or using polymerised adhesive (6 mm thick layer applied directly over finished artificial stone floor/ Mosaic etc without any backing course) laid after application slurry using 1.75 Kg of cement per sqM below mortar only, joints grouted with admixture of white cement and colouring pigment to match with colour of tiles / epoxy grout materials of approved make as directed and removal of wax coating of top surface of tiles with warm water and polishing the tiles using soft and dry cloth upto mirror finish complete including the cost of materials, labour and all other incidental charges complete true to the manufacturer's specification and direction of Engineer-in-Charge. (White cement, synthetic adhesive and grout material to be supplied by the contrr] (I) With application slurry @1.75 kg/ Sq.m, 20 mm sand cement mortar (1:4) & 2 mm thick cement slurry at back side of tiles, 0.2 kg/ Sq.m white cement for joint filling with pigment. Light Colour 550.00 Sqm
3 Removal of rubbish,earth etc. from the working site and disposal of the same beyond the compound, in conformity with the Municipal / Corporation Rules for such disposal, loading into truck and cleaning the site in all respect as per direction of Engineer in charge 30.00 Cum
4 Taking out shutter of door and window, dismantling by parts (for repair or replacement of damaged parts) , reassembling and refitting and rehanging same with old fittings but with new screws as necessary. 45.00 Sqm
5 GST as applicable @ 18 % on total work done value (Sl. No. 1 to 4) 1.00 No.
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