Vertical Extension Of B Sc Nursing Hostel Dibrugarh Situated At Assam Medical College And Hospital Campus Dibrugarh

Tendering Authority: Public Works Building and NH Department

India, Assam, Dibrugarh



Last Date For Submission

28 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

28 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 82 | Total Qty : 61173.971000000005
# Item Quantity Units
1 15.3:- Demolishing R.C.C. work manually / by mechanical means including of steel bars and disposal of unserviceable materials etc. complete. 9.360 m3
2 5.22.A. :- Steel reinforcement for R.C.C. work including straightening cutting, bending, placing in position and binding all complete above plinth level. 5.22.A.6 :-Thermo Mechanically treated bars of grade Fe 500D or more. 23133.390 kg
3 5.9 :- Centering and shuttering including strutting and propping etc. 5.9.6 :-Column, pillars, piers etc. 443.520 m2
4 5.9.5 :- Lintel beams, plinth beams etc. 655.920 m2
5 5.9.19 :- Weather shade, chajja etc. 573.300 m2
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