Tiruppur Corporation _6.construction Of Sintex Tank Bed At Appatchi Nagar 3rd Street In Ward No 31


India, Tamil Nadu, Tiruppur



Last Date For Submission

08 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

08 Dec, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 7 | Total Qty : 2159
# Item Quantity Units
1 Dismantling the existing Pantile or Mangalore tiled roof without roof timbers including removing the debris from the site and stacking useful material at work site for reuse etc., complete complying with standard specification. 126.00 M
2 Supplying, fabricating, erecting structural steel work for roofing welded or bolted type using MS channels, angles, plates and round bars etc., conforming to IS specification including primer coating and enamel painting as per design given by the departmental officers etc., complete as per standard specification. 1885.00 Kgs
3 Fabricating supplying and fixing of Galvalume Colour Sheet of size 0.47mm with the following specification. The materials should be of PPGI tile profile with a red colour or any other approved design 0.47mm thick 24 gauge having width 1050mm. The sheet should be G.I base pre painted hot dipped galvanized iron sheet and to be fixed with shelf tapping screws and plastic washer. The washer and screws to be fixed by using minute power machine drilled without damaging the sheets paint coating to be regular modified polyester coat with zinc coating of Z 120 GSM paint thickness the finish should be terra cotta finish like Malabar Mangalore tiles finish optional matt finish. The sheet to be fixed with making suitable corrugated, cutting the sheet in to the required size and making ornamental designs as per the site condition and as directed by the departmental officers. 133.00 M
4 Brick work In CM 1:5 mix using best Second Class Table Moulded Chamber Burnt Bricks 9"x4 "x3" having 350 kg/cm compressive strength and 15% or less water absorbent in the period of 24hours immersement and confirming to ISI specifications including finishing, curing etc., complete complying with standard specification. 1.00 M
5 Plastering with cement mortar 1:4 mix (one cement four P-sand), 12mm thick in all floors using clean screened M-Sand and including cost of curing for fifteen days from the completion of the work and surface should free from undulations and including the cost of preparing the surface for plastering and protecting from other damages till setting of mortar etc., complete complying with standard specification. 7.00 M
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