The Supply And Installation Of High Quality Confocal Micro Raman Spectrometer System

Tendering Authority: Kerala State Council for Science Technology And Environment

India, Kerala, Thrissur



Last Date For Submission

02 Feb, 2023

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02 Feb, 2023

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1 Confocal Micro Raman Spectrometer
2 Technical Specifications 1. Confocal Microscope: Research Grade Optical Microscope body with 6x Objective Turret, LED Koehler White-Light Illumination and Video Camera for sample view. High-quality, rock-solid mapping microscope base for the highest stability and long-term drift reduction. The microscope should enable single-spot analysis or spectral Raman mapping with an exceptional spectral quality, optical throughput, and spectroscopic capabilities. Sample size: 120 mm in x and y direction, 25 mm in z direction. Should be adaptable to fit larger sizes in Z direction. Manual Microscopy Stage for sample positioning in X-Y at least 25 x 25 mm2 for highly accurate single-point spectral acquisition and a Manual z-stage system for sample focus, with a minimum of 24mm travel range. Objectives: 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x 2. Raman operating modes: Single point Raman spectrum acquisition Single-point depth profiling Planar (x-y-direction) and depth scans (z-direction) with manual sample positioning 3. Spectrometer Lens based Spectroscopy system with minimum of 300mm focal length covering VIS NIR range The Spectrometer should be optimized for an excitation wavelength requested and it should allow more than 70% transmission It should ideally suit for multiple laser configurations between 532 nm and 830 nm and should offer advanced spectral quality for demanding requirements. Software controlled three turret Motorized Gratings stage Single Grating (600gr/mm or 1800 gr/mm or 2400 gr/mm) optimized as per excitation laser lines required. Fiber coupled between microscope and Spectrometer Raman Spectral Range:50 to 4000 wavenumbers Spectral resolution: 0.5 cm-1 / pixel Peak position accuracy 0.04 wavenumber or better 4. CCD Detector Broadband wavelength characterized front-illuminated CCD Minimal 1650 x 200 pixel format Peltier cooling down to -60 deg C Peak QE > 55% Pixel size: 16 m x 16 m USB interface 5. Lasers Lasers coupled to microscope using single mode fibers with angled FC/APC connector. Multiple Laser Excitation Sources adaptable (single or multi-laser coupling units) should be possible for maximum experimental flexibility. Solid State DPSS laser 532 nm 75mW power at laser output The output intensity of lasers controllable to change the intensity continuously from 0 to the maximum in low step sizes of <1% 6. Controller Flexible and expandable digital controller based on a single Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) chip Fully digital feedback control Two free FPGA slots for future extensions 80MHz FPGA The same controller and software should be compatible for use with measurements and system control of the complete set up as mentioned in this requirement listing. 7. Computer One Computer with the latest configuration - Quad Core 3.2 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 1000 GB HDD 24 LCD monitor. Multifunction B/W Laser printer with double side printing 8. Vibration free table to place the complete Confocal micro-Raman Spectrometer system 9. Warranty: 1 year guarantee + 2 year service warranty. 10. Supply of other items- Petri dish for liquid sample handling 11. Upgradation The system should upgradable with following feactures Full upgradeability to 2D confocal Mapping, 3D Raman imaging, topographic confocal Raman imaging, Atomic Force Microscopy or Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopy etc., Fluorescence microscopy and polarization dependent measurements should be possible with same microscope base as optional upgrade. General conditions: - 1. The system should be complete functional unit in terms of hardware and software to demonstrate the intended specifications and applications to be supplied with all necessary ancillaries. 2. Specifications should be confirmed from the Technical Brochure and website of the manufacturer. 3. Good Service and Technical support are essential. Please provide testimonials form three reputed customers. 4. Training: -On-site Installation and Training by an experienced engineer. 5. A compliance statement of the specifications should be provided along with the quote before placing order. 6. The list of installations and users of complete system in India & abroad should be provided for reference. The company must have at least 15 working installations of complete system pan India and at least 5 should be in South India . User list for this period, current contact details of users, Supply Orders and certificates of successful completion issued by the clients must be enclosed. 7. Installation, calibration, standardization and commissioning shall be the responsibility of the vendor. 8. Pre-installation requirements should be enclosed along with the tender. 1.0000 Nos
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