Tender For The Supply Of Containers, Packing Materials, Stores, Sundry Articles & Printing Works -supply Of Containers, Packing Materials & Stationery Items For The Period From 01/04/2022 To 30/09/2022 - Yogarajagulgulu 100nos Duplex, Carton, Gokshuradi Guggulu, Gulika Dupx Carton, Shaddharanamtablet 100nos, Duplex Carton, Pramehoushadhi Tablet Duplex, Carton, Lipocare Tablet 100nos. Duplex, Carton, Dahasamani 50gm Duplex, Carton, Diabet Drinks 50gm Duplex, Carton, Saraswatharishram 10ml Duplex, Carton, Cardocare 100 Nos Duplex, Carton, Vigor Plus 60 Nos Duplex Carton, Oushadhi Cough Syrup100ml, Duplex Carton, Facepack 50gm Duplex Carton, Rheumajith Ointment 10 Gm, Carton, Bliss Balm 10gm Carton, Murivenna Ointment 10gm, Carton, Elaneerkuzhambu 10gm Carton, K.k Lepam 25gm Carton, Burncure Ointment 25gm Carton, Leghusoothasekhara Rasam100, No Duplex Ca, Gandha Thailam 10 Ml, Carton, 11.6 X 8.5 X 5 Cms Different, Gulika Cartons, 8.5 X 5.3 X 4 Cms. Different, Gulika Cartons As Per, Specimen, Cough Syrup Label, Chyavanaprasam.c.f Label 500, Gm, Ashtachoornam Syrup Label, Pramehoushadhi 200 Gm, Label, Hairtone 200ml Label, Chyavanaprasam.c.f Label 250, Gm, Pramehoushadhi 100 Gm Label, 11cm X 6cm Different Labels, 10cm X 3.5cm Different Labels, 25 X 4.2 Cm Sticker Labels, Ayush Kwatha 100 Gm Sticker, Label, Ayush Kwatha 50 Gm Sticker, Label, 10x3.5 Cm Outside Kerala Sticker, Label, 7x2.5cm Sticker Label Outside, Kerala, Psorset Ointmet 50gm Stiker, Label, Vigor Plus 60nos Sticker Label, Karkkidakakanji 70gm Sticker, Label, Karkkidakakanji 140 Gm Sticker, Label, 7x2.5cm Sticker Labels, Psorsetoil Shrink Label 100ml, Stiker Rol, Baby Oil 100ml Shrink Label, Hairtone Shrink Label 100ml Stiker, Roll, Thenginpookkulashrink Label400g, Stikerro, Haridrakhandam 50 Gm, Sticker Roll, Tooth Powder Sticker, Roll 11x5.5, 7x2.5cm Sticker Roll, 8.7 X 2.7 Cm Sticker Roll For, Different Items, 10x3.5 Cm Sticker Roll, 380 Mm Laminated Sheet As Per, Specimen, Blister Ink, 22mm Caps, 600 Ml Jar Pet Jar, 1400 Ml Pop Pet Jar, 1000 Ml Pop Pet Jar For Kc, Amber Colour 10ml Bottle, Hairtone 100 Ml Hdpe Bottle, Baby Oil 100 Ml Hdpe Bottle, Psorsetoil Hdpe 100 Ml, 50 Ml Amber Colour Bottle, 30 Ml Amber Colour Bottle, 1 Kg Choornam Filling Pp Jar With, Cap, 25 Mm Caps, 150 Ml Pet Jar For 25 Gm Kc, Filling, 200 Ml Pet Jar For 50 Gm Kc, Filling, 22 Mm Dropper Set, 30ml Transparent Pet Bottle For, Filling 25 Ml, 50 Gm Facepack Contianer, Ayush Kwatha 150ml Plastic, Container, Ayush Kwatha 300 Ml Plastic, Container, Psorset Ointment50gm Screwtype, Container, Dasamoolarasayanam 25gm, Screw Typecontair, Dasamoolarasayanam Filling Jar, Tooth Powder 25gm Hdpe, Container, Rasothamadi Lepam/sivagulika, Container, Measuring Cup 10 Ml Cough, Syrup, Measuring Spoon 5 Gm, 100 Gm Pp Hdpe Kc, Container With Cap, 50 Gm Vigor Plus Container, 50 Gm Eladirasayanam Container, 400 Gm Thenginpookkulamritham, Containrer, Burncure Ointment 25gm Tube, Plastic Container, K.k Lepam Tube Plastic, Container, 20" X 30" Size Polythene Bags, 10" X 12" Size Polythene Bags, 4" X 5" Size Polythene Bags, 4" X 6" Size Polythene Bags, 7 X 7 Size Polythene Bag, 2.5" X 3" Size Polythene Bags, 1/2 Size Register Ruled 320 Pages, 1/2 Size Register Ruled 240, Pages-, 1/2 Size Register Ruled 160 Pages, Free Medicine Application Form, Casual Leave Register, Corporation Letter Pad, Medical Reimbursement Form, Exit Pass 1(as Per Specimen), Visitors Pass (as Per, Specimen), Vehicle Pass (as Per Specimen), Indent Register As Per, Specimen, Attendence Register . As Per, Specimen, Batch Register, Fair Copy Register, Cash Advance Form As Per, Specimen, Personal Register As Per, Specimen, Accepted Card/ Rejected Card, Requisition Formasper Specimen, Under Preparation Card, Note Sheet Pad, Casual Leave Application Form, Gate Pass Printed Form, Note File, Correspondance File, Payment Advice, Lod Book Vehicle Daily Dairy, ( Time Office) As Per Speimen, Shift Activity Log Book As Per, Specimen, Quarantine Card (as Per, Specimen), Leave Sanction Form (memo). As, Per Specimen, Machine Log Book As Per, Specimen, Statement Of Daily Dispatch Of, Medicines As Per Specimen, Indent (order Forms) For Medicines, For Agencies, Stock Register Of Prepared, Medicine, Invoice Ledger, Agentsaccountcontrol Ledger, Printed Form, Weighment Register (as Per, Specimen), Ta Bill Pad, Vehicle Daily Diary Log Book, (drivers) As Per Specimen, Rmi Part Printed Form, Karkidakakanji Notice, Pramehoushadhi Notice, Out Pass Book, Bill Book, Vigor Plus Notice (as Per, Specimen), Log Book ( Boiler) (as Per, Specimen), Outward Material Gate Pass, Earned Leave Form, Canteen Coupen Register, Goldprocess Security Information, Printed, Qc Passed Printed Form, Saraswatharishtam Notice, Packing Slip Pad, Cash Voucher Pad, Canteen Coupon Different Types, Window Envelope With Printing, A3 Size Photo Copier Paper, Pad Ink 750 Ml, Lead Pencil, Pencil Eraser (rubber) Apsara, Note Book, Calculator Battery, Stapler, File Pad (as Per Specimen), Pencil Carbon- As Per Specimen, Staples, Double Punch Small, Twine Ball, Country Jute (three Threaded), Permanent Marker, Ordinary Marker, Permanent Marker Ink, Cloth Cover, Cloth Cover, Cloth Cover, Sticky Notes, Envelope 10.5"x4.5", Plastic File (ordinary), Automatic Labelling Gum, Adhessive For Pasting Labels For, Pet Bottles, Malabar Gum, Pad Ink Blue 60 Ml, Pad Ink Red 60 Ml, Self Inking Stamp Pad, Self Inking Stamp Pad, Box File, Ball Pen, Writing Board, Corretion Pen, Cellulose Tape 12 Mm, Office Paste (gum), Chalk Box, Paper Pin, Gem Clip, Plastic Paper Clip, Single Punch, Double Punch Big, File Tag, Rubber Band, Bottle Cleaning Brush, Gum Pasting Brush, Glue Stick, A4 Sheet Colour, Calculator, Hole Guad, Soap, Steel Hook, Roll Tissue Paper, Plastic Sack Big, Earplug -as Per Specimen, Ear Muff- As Per Specimen, Karam, Plastic Kotta, Showel, Common Broom, Muram, Chooralkotta, Chooralkotta, Apron, Mask, Head Cap, Mesh Cloth, Polymer Sheet, Hypo Solution, Ab Crystal Powder, Sterio Washing Chemical, Tracing Paper (butter Paper), Dl Film/ Lith Film, Ndustrial Safety Helmet With Ear, Guard And Face Sheild, Liquid Dish Wash, Dish Wash Cake (bar), Double Sided Tape, Steel Scrubber, Cd Marker, Kora Cloth, Hand Wash With Pump, Shoes Cover, Goggules, 14x8.75 Cm Outside Kerala, Sticker Label, 11x6 Cm Outside Kerala Sticker, Label, Aparajitha Dhoopa Choornam, 50gm Sticker Label, Facepack 50gm Sticker Label, Jaggannathan Cloth, Veppukadi Container 5 Ltr, Jar 200 Ml For 50 Gm Kc Filling, Jar 1kg For Soubaghya, Sundi Modakam, Diabet Drinks Sticker, Labels, 7.5 X3.5x4.8 Cm Duplex Carton, Key Register, Transfer Receipt Book, 100 Ml. White Colour Pp, Bottles, 50ml. White Colour Pp Bottle, Eye Drops Container, 8.2 X 1.8 Cm Sticker Roll, (murivenna,bliss, Balm,rheumajith), Hairtone 200mlamber Color, Bottle With Umbrella Cap, Activated Carbon Powder, Poly Electrolyte, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sodium Hypo Chlorite, (chlorine), Caustic Soda, Jar 200 Ml For 50 Gm, Choornam Filling, Plastic Sack Small, 100 Ml. Amber Colour Bottles, 200 Ml Amber Colour Bottle, 14x8.75cms Size Label, 450 Ml Amber Colour Bottle 243 200 Ml Amber Colour Bottle 244 14x8.75cms Size Label 245 Gloves 246 50 Ml Pet Spray Bottles 247 100 Ml Pet Spray Bottles For The Pharmaceutical Corporation (indian Medicines) Kerala Limited, For The Year 2022-23.

Tendering Authority: Pharmaceutical Corporation I M Kerala Limited [ The ]

India, Kerala, Thrissur



Last Date For Submission

23 Aug, 2022

Closing Date

23 Aug, 2022

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