Tender For Supply Of Steel Rule With Metric And British Graduation , Try Square , Calliper Inside Spring Type , Calliper Hermaphrodite Spring Type , Calliper Outside Spring Type , Divider Spring Type , Scriber , Centre Punch , Screw Driver , Hammer Ball Peen With Handle , File Flat Second Cut , File Flat Smooth , File Half Round Second Cut , Hacksaw Frame Fixed Type , Safety Goggles , Dot Punch , Drill Twist Straight Shank , Drill Twist Taper Shank , File Knife Edge Smooth , File Feather Edge Smooth , File Triangular Smooth , File Round Second Cut , File Square Second Cut , File Triangular Second Cut , File Flat Second Cut Safe Edge , File Flat Bastard , File Swiss Type Needle , File Half Round Bastard , File Round Bastard , File Hand Second Cut , File Card , Pucker , Flat Headed Hammers With Handle. , Stud Extractor Ezy Out , Micrometre Inside With Extension Rods , Wire Gauge Metric Standard , Punch Letter Set , Oil Can , Blow Lamp , Spanner Adjustable , Interchangeable Ratchet Socket Set , Double Ended Tubular Box Spanner Set With Tommy Bar , Glass Magnifying , Clamp Toolmaker , Clamp C , Hand Reamer Set Taper Pin Straight Flute , Machine Reamer Parallel Helical Flute , Scraper Flat , Scraper Triangular , Scraper Half Round , Chisel Cold Cross Cut And Diamond Point , Drill Chuck With Key , Pipe Wrench , Pipe Vice , Adjustable Pipe Die Set Bsp , Machine Vice Swivel Base , Sleeve Drill Morse , Vice Bench , Machine Vice , Hand Hammer With Handle , Torque Wrench Standard Ratchet Type , Power Tools For Fastening , Different Profile Gauges Plate Type For Demonstration , Knurling Tool Diamond Straight And Diagonal , Indexable Boring Bar With Inserts , Machine Maintenance Mannual For Lathe Pedestal Grinder Drill Machine Power Saw , Dowel Pin Straight , Standard Tap Screws , Lapping Plate , Medium Carbon Heat Treated Alloy Steel Metric Studs And Bolts Along With Standard Nuts For Display Of Standard Length May Be Manufactured In House , Caps Screws , Drill Gauges , Cast Iron Globe Valve Flanged Type , Ci Sluice Gate Valve Flanged Type , Stop Cock , Bolt And Nut With Washer May Be Manufactured In House , Pipe Threading Die With Handle , Pulleys For V Belt Or Flat Belt , Damaged Old Spur Gear , V-belt And Flat Belt , Packing Gasket , Washer Clutch Keys Jib Cotter And Circlip , Drill Drift May Be Manufactured In House , Bearing Different Types , Bearing Extractor , Pulley Extractor , Slip Gauge As Johnson Metric Set , Gauge Snap Go And Not Go , Gauge Plug , Dial Test Indicator On Stand , Dial Vernier Caliper Universal Type , Vernier Caliper , Digital Micrometer Outside , Engineers Try Square Knife Edge , Digital Vernier Caliper , Lathe Tools Hss Tipped Set , Lathe Tools Bit , Stillson Wrenches , Taps And Dies Complete Set In Box

Tendering Authority: State Project Implementation Unit Department

India, Uttarakhand, Udhamsign Nagar



Last Date For Submission

19 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

19 Dec, 2022

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NTID: 30001482
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