Tender For Supply Of Porm(consu. ) (q3) 1 Cotton Tape 1"2 Electronic Chock 40w Fluorescent, Make: Philips3 G.i. Wire 18 Swg4 G.i. Wire 8 Swg5 Gitti Pvc 1"6 Gitti Pvc 1.5"7 M Seal (100 Gm Pack)8 Indicator ( Red Yellow & Blue)9 Green Board Duster10 Ic-7475, 7493, 7447, 74153, 74154 11 Ics 324,8038,8051,lt1073/12,lt1073/5,lm257612 Soldering Paste / Flux (15gm Pack)13 Bnc To Crocodile Connector Lead14 F.e.t-bfw 10/1115 Speaker 3 Ohm 1/4 Watt, 3ohm 1/2 Watt, 4 Ohm 4 Watt, 8 Ohm 40 Watt, 4 Ohm 8 Watt, 8 Ohm 0.5watt16 Scr 2p4m/sn10217 Dc Motor 3v,6v,9v,12v18 Battery Cap Connector For 9v Battry19 Ldr Sensor 5mm20 Mosfet Irfp 460/2n187/3n18721 Push Button Switch 6a 240v22 Plastic Container(4")23 Plastic Container(6")24 Ctc/xylene (200ml Bottle)25 Lamp/bulb 12v 6w26 Ujt 264627 Elfee Small 28 Fabric Insulated Copper Power Cord (3 Core 1mm Each) 2 Mtr Length29 Infra Red Receiver Module Tsop 123830 Wire Stripper Small Size31 Usb Connector Male-female, Fire Wire, Hdmi,ftp,servo 0.1,sata,vga,dbi,midi,db9(male-female),db15(male-female),rca(male-female),bnc,xlr(male-female)32 Cables Utp,stp,sctp,co-axial,ethernet 10 Base 33 Phone Connectors 6.3mm 1/4" Plug & Socket (mono, Trs, Trrs)34 Phone Connectors 3.5mm 1/8" Plug & Socket (mono, Trs, Trrs)35 Ear Phone 36 Condenser Micro Phone37 Nut,bolt,washer,nails, Screws,plastic Spacer, Plastic Gitty, Plastic Wire Climps (assorted)38 Plastic Trays (12"x9"x3") For Keeping Components39 Cotton Sleeves(90 Mtrs.)40 Rotary Switch For Battery Eliminator41 Araldite42 Bridge Rectifire Module43 Embry Paper Soft44 Musical Cob45 Colin (500ml)46 Ear Phone Jack(plug & Socket)47 Brush 1/2"48 Plastic Container Rectangular(18"x12"x5")49 Plastic Cabinate With Multiple Drawers(18"x12"x6")50 Lock For Godrej Locker51 Smd Component(resistance,ic, Capacitor, Diode,coil,bridge Rectifier) For Led Bulb52 2x, 3w Micro Usb Wireless Blue Tooth Speaker Wired Board With Accessories 53 Rechargeable Battery 4.5v 2ah(lead Acid Type)54 Battery Pack Of 3 Cells 12.5v 1600mah55 Thermocouple56 Digital Thermameter (-10 To100 Degree Centigrade)57 Button Cell Sr621gw(soni),357a1.5v,lr1130(1.5v)58 Ac/dc Adopter 1.5a 12v59 Heat Sink 10x5cm,9x12cm(z Shape) For Dual 4440 Ic60 Amplifier Pcb(wired) Using Ic 3886 And Ic 4440(dual)61 Hdmi Connector (male) With Cable62 Arduino Uno And Mega R3 Board With Dip63 Salcon Stk 4141 Bluetooth Card With Cabinate And 1.5mm Power Cord(3 Core)64 Screen Casting 3 Media Streaming Device65 Infrared Receiver Module Tsop123866 Esd Bin Drawer 170mmx100mmx85mm67 Pcb(wired) Of Cross Over Network68 Rsfr/h Tube /125 Degree Flame Retardent Heat Srinkable Tube (15mm And 25mm)69 Ac Adoptor 90 Watt (19.5v Dc And 4.62 A Output 70 Proximity Senssor Pnp And Npn Type 71 Hdmi Cable Length 2 Mtrs.72 Driver 12v73 Glue Sticks For Glue Gun74 White Board Marker(assorted Colour)75 Inductor 150 Micro Henry And 100 Micro Henry76 Raspberry Pi Board77 Power Cord For Pc78 Servo Motor (9 Grms And 12 Grms)79 Ultra Sonic Sensor Hc-sr0480 Electronic Contact Cleaner(ip) 500ml81 Internal Hard Disk Drive 1 Tb Western Digital/seagate82 Wireless Network Adaptor D-link/tp-link83 Wi-fi Lan Card84 Wire Cutter85 Magnifying Lens With Led 75 Mm86 Cd Marker (black)87 Permanent Marker (black)88 Buzzer 9 V 89 Buzzer 12 V90 Pc Motherboard Usb Pci Analyser Diagnostic Card Tester 4 Digit91 Proximity Sensor Pnp And Npn Type (10 Each)92 Components Box Small Size 5x3"93 Usb Male Connectors94 Usb Female Connectors95 Bnc Male Connectors96 Bnc Female Male Connectors97 Heat And Shrink Tube 3mm (black)98 Heat And Shrink Tube 3mm (white)99 Heat And Shrink Tube 5mm100 Heat And Shrink Tube 7mm (black)101 Heat And Shrink Tube 7mm (red)102 Heat And Shrink Tube 10mm103 3.5 Mm Audio Jack Male Connector104 4 Ports Usb Female Hub105 Ic 7400, 7402, 7404, 7408, 7432, 7483, 74266 (25 Each)106 Embry Paper 150 No.107 D3202 Diac108 Bpw34 Photo Diode109 Ir Led110 Utp Wire For Networking111 Diode112 Door Mat113 Aurdino(small ,big)114 Chargable Battery(5v)115 Chargable Battery(12v)116 Kit Kat Fuse 117 Electric Sock Proof Shoes(assorted)118 Jbl Head Phone 119 Fuse 6 Amp Bakelite 120 Over Load Relay 16 Amp 121 Earth Lequage Circuit Breaker 122 Cast Iron Block (150x100x50 Mm)123 Cast Iron Block (150x150x50 Mm124 Emery Cloth 120 No.125 Emery Cloth 200 No.126 Hammer Handle Wooden 127 Cello Tape 1/2" (big Roll)128 Computer Cover Set (system Unit, Monitor, Mouse And Keybord )129 Shorthand Pencil (apsara)130 Drawing Rubber (big, Non-dust) Make: Camel , Apsara, Doms131 Sharpner Long (apsara) 132 Scissor (medium)133 Pearl Golden (small Size)134 Pearl Golden ( Big Size)135 Straw ( Yellow,orange,red )136 Sparkles Packets ( All Color )137 Wall Paint White (emulsion) 20ltr138 Wall Paint White (emulsion) 4 Ltr Oil Bound139 Wall Putty Jk140 Putty Patti 3"141 Putty Patti 8"142 Chalk Mitti 20kg Bag143 Wooden Primer (white)144 Turpentine Oil145 Resham Dori Golden146 Rope (jute) Big Size (appx 1cm)147 Rope (jute) Small Size (appx 1/2 Cm)148 Plastic Mirror149 Wall Colour / Stainer (all Color) 100ml 150 Paint Brush (big,midium,small)151 Acrylic Color (10 Shades) Big Size 10 Ml152 Butter Or Tracing Paper (rough)153 Headless Nail 1”154 Nail 10 No. 3”155 Nail 12 No. 3”156 Nail 12 No. 2.5”157 Nail 14 No. 2”158 Nail 17 No. 1.25”159 Pvc Gitty 1.5”160 Gipsing Screw 1”161 Golden Paint Spray 500ml162 Red Paint Spray 500ml163 Black Paint Spray 500ml164 Orange Paint Spray 500ml165 White Paint Spray 500ml166 Purpal Paint Spray 500ml167 Yellow Paint Spray 500ml168 Blue Paint Spray 500ml169 Texture / Foam Roller( Set Of 1",2" & 3" )170 Texture / Foam Roller 6"171 Paper Flower Big Size172 Paper Flower Small Size173 Paper Leaf For Decoration174 Flower Stick175 Wall Paper Roll (21" Width) 33 Ft Lenth Roll176 Sun Mica 8' X 4'177 Veneer (8' X4' ) 4mm Thick Century Make178 Ply 8' X 4' (12 Mm)179 Ply 8 X 4 (6 Mm)180 2” X1.5” X 10' Kail Wood Batten Smooth Finish181 2” X1.5”x 10' Marandi Wood Batten182 Mascine Tape183 Hitech Solution184 Sand Paper 80no.185 Sand Paper 100no.186 Ice Cream Colour Stick187 Heat X188 Wall Stepler Machine189 Cnc Cutting Mdf Board (8'x4') 17 Mm Thick190 Cnc Cutting Mdf Board (8'x4') 11 Mm Thick191 Mount Board192 Foam Board (23"x32") 3mm Thick193 Sun Board (2' X4') 3mm Thick194 Chopsi Board (20"x30") 2.5mm Thick195 Styro Foam (24"x36") 3mm Thick196 Pinup Board (8' X4') 197 Velvet Sheet (20"x30") 198 Wood Sheet (20"x26")199 "thermocole Sheet (30""x40"") 6mm Thick (high Density)"200 Thermocole Sheet (30"x40") 10mm Thick (high Density)201 Thermocole Sheet (30"x40") 20mm Thick (high Density)202 Thermocole Sheet (30"x40") 25mm Thick (high Density)203 Thermocol Sheet High Dencity 25mm (3'x2')204 Cob Light Panel 3w (swirel )205 Spot Light 3w206 Surface Track Light 7w207 Wall Up Lighter 12w208 Wall Up - Down Lighter 12w209 White Board Duster210 Elastic 4 Cm Width211 Water Proof Ink (10 Ml), "make: Camlin"212 Elastic 1/2cm Width213 Grading Scale Plastic 18"(star/apsra)214 Tailor Art Curve(inches) Make Isomar's215 Fusing Paper 216 Callar Pasting217 Measuring Tape 150cm Make: Crown218 Thread Cutter Or Small Secissorr 6"219 Embroidery Anchor Threads(different Colour) Make Anchor Bright Clours Boxes (box Of 20 Pcs)220 Resham Threads (different Colours Make Anchor / Coat) Boxes (box Of 20 Pcs)221 Stitching Threads In Different Colours "make Anchor / Coat" Boxes (box Of 100 Pcs)222 Stitching Threads In White Colours "make Anchor" Boxes (box Of 100 Pcs)223 Polyster White Colour Thread (box Of 100 Pcs)224 Bobin Case Set For Lock Stitch Industrial Sewing Machin225 Tailor Square Plastic Make Isomars 36"226 Franch Curve Size 18 No(scye Shaper)227 Loop Turner228 Tailor Chalk, Make Deepak229 Shirt Button( Pkt Of 100 Pcs)230 Seem Opner231 Coloured Tape 1"(big)232 Casment Fabric (colour White)233 God Quality Satin Fabric234 White Cotton Lace Thin And Zig Zag Lase White235 Rivil Civil Fabric Fusing 100 Yards Long Roll236 Wooden Emb. Frame237 Hook Button238 Snap / Tich Button239 Colour Mixing Plate240 Fluorescent Sheets (different Colours)241 Bold Black Marker& Colourful Marker Pen242 Alphabet Stencil Scale All Size(small To Last Big Size)243 Medium (mixing For Metalic Powder) 244 Metallic Powder Gold 245 Metallic Powder Silver246 Graph Paper247 Yellow Carben Paper248 Coloured Pastel Sheets A-3 Size249 Cello Tape 1" (big Roll)250 Coloured Tape 1" (big Roll)251 Pencil Crayons (set Of 24 Colours) Make Camal/camlin252 Emery Paper Fine 253 Emery Paper 150 No. 254 Nut & Bolt 1/2"x 6"(with Washer)255 File Handle (big) , Plastic / Wooden256 G.i. Sheet 8'x4' (1mm Thick)257 G.i. Sheet 6'x4' (1mm Thick)258 Ruffing Bolt 3/16"x4" With Washer259 Rivet (aluminum) Dia 6mm, Snap Head260 Vice Handle 6"261 Paint Signal Red(berger, Asian, Nerolac)262 Liquid Soap (dettol) 263 Square Head Bolts (m10 X 1.5 Pitch) 50mm Long264 Square Head Bolts (m12x1.75mm) 50mm Long265 Emery Cloth 60 No.266 Soap 100gm Lux/ Detol/ Lifboy 267 Button Cell 1.5v Sr-44268 Yellow Flurocent Tape 4" Width269 M.s. Angle (assorted Sizes)270 M.s. Square Pipe (assorted Sizes)271 M.s Pipe Dia 50mmx3mm Thick272 S.s. Sheet 4 ' X 8' X 18 Gauge (304 No.)273 S.s. Strip 50 X 2 Mm (304 No.)274 S.s. Strip 25x 2 Mm (304 No.)275 Multipurpose Grease, Make: Castrol / Servo (in One Kg Pack)276 Arc Welding Single Coloured Glass 108 Mm X 82 Mm X 3 Mm. Din 11 A & 12 A (germany)277 Earth Clamp 600 A 9 Gs Esab/ Adore278 L.heat Alloy (aluminum) Electrode Flux Coated Dia 3.15 Mm(lh-409) (ador Fontech)279 Leg Guard Leather, Make: Esab280 Belt Type Emery Paper-4" X 80no Grit, Make: Zircon281 Grinding Wheel 14"x31"x25mm Thick (fine & Rough), Make: Carborandum Universal282 M.s. Rivet Dia 3mm X10mm283 Aluminium Rivet Dia 5mmx10mm (snap Head)284 Plasma Cut Electrode(l & T)285 Plasma Cut Electrode Nozzle(l & T)286 Silver Paint(berger, Asian, Nerolac)287 Primer Red Oxide288 Bamboo Handle For Sledge Hammer289 Dpt Kit290 Pmt Marker (red ,black And White)291 Brazing Road 3mm Dia.292 C.c M.s. Filler Road 2mm Dia.293 C.c M.s. Filler Road 3 Mm Dia.294 Spark Lighter(electronic)295 Mig Welding M/c Torch For L&t Make296 Trolly Wheel 10" Dia297 Mig Wire Roll M.s 0.8mm Dia (15kg)298 Tungston Electrod 2.4mm Dia299 Tungston Electrod 3.2mm Dia300 Ceramic Nozzle 6 No.301 Ceramic Nozzle 8 No.302 Spot Welding M/c Tip (copper)303 Pedestral Grinder Belt (a1687lp/a65)304 Silicon Spray For Mig305 Drill Machine V-belt B52306 Anabond(100gm) Pack307 Battery Charger Rectifier (+ve) , (-ve) (0-72v) Heavy Duty308 Car Polish (liquid), Make: Waxpol309 Car Rubbing Polish310 Car Washing Soap, Make: Waxpol311 Dash Board Polish312 Differential / Gear Box Oil (sae-90)313 Distributor Cap With High Tension Lead (maruti 800 Alto Lxi)314 Emery Paper Rough315 Engine De-carbonizing Compound316 Engine Flush317 Engine Oil 20w50 (petrol Engine), Make: Castrol (5 Ltrs Pack)318 Engine Oil 5w40 (diesel Engine), Make: Castrol (5ltr Pack)319 Front Suspension Kit Maruti 800320 Electrical Fuel Pump (maruti 800 Alto Lxi)321 Head Light Bulb Maruti-800, Make: Helonix322 Nut And Bolts 10no, 12no, 14no, 17no & 22 No Make: Tvs323 Oil Seal (timing Side) Maruti 800 Car, Alto Lxi324 Hot Patch Puncture (ceat / Dunlop)325 Tyre Pincture Rubber Solution326 Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit327 Hot Patch Adhesive Solutioin 500ml328 12 Volt Electrical Horn Relay (bosch,airtex) 30 Amp329 12 Volt Electrical Horn Relay (bosch,airtex) 40 Amp330 Battery Water331 Air Filter Maruti Alto Lxi332 Air Filter Tata Truck Engine333 Alternator Bush For Maruti 800334 Alternator Bush For Maruti Gypsy335 Auto Wire 4 Mm336 Brake Oil, Make: Castrol (dot-4) (1/2 Ltrs. Pack)337 Brake Pad Set Maruti 800 Model 2006 Tvs338 Brake Shoe Set Maruti 800339 Clutch Assembly With Pressure Plate Maruti 800, Alto Lxi340 Coolant, Make: Golden Cruzer / Castrol (1 Ltrs Pack)341 Fan Belt Maruti 800 Engine342 Timimg Belt Maruti 800 Engine (rubber)343 Timimg Belt Maruti 800 Engine (chain)344 Fuel Filter Maruti 800345 H.t. Cable Set For Maruti 800 Alto Lxi346 Hose Pipe Set With Clamp (maruti 800)347 Tandom Master Cylinder Kit Maruti 800348 Oil Filler (maruti-800 And Alto Lxi) 349 Radiator Cap For Maruti-800350 Self Starter Carbon Bush Set For Maruti-800351 Timing Packing Kit Maruti 800352 Valve Lapping Paste Course & Fine353 Wheel Bearing (ff) Set Maruti 800 354 Wheel Bearing (rr) Set Maruti 800355 Wheel Cylinder Maruti 800356 Wiper Blades Set Maruti 800357 Battery Lead Set Maruti 800 Car358 Battery Terminals 359 Ignition Coil For Maruti 800 And Alto Lxi360 Carburator Solex (jets) 80,100,110 No.361 Float Metal (solex Carburator)362 Needle Valve (solex Carburator)363 Slow Running Jet (solex Carburator)364 Spark Plug Maruti 800 Car Alto Lxi365 Air Filter For Maruti Alto Lxi366 Brake Linning Full Length (m 800 Car)367 Clutch Cable Maruti 800 And Alto Lxi368 Accelerater Wire Maruti 800 And Alto Lxi369 Master Cylinder Kit (tandum) Maruti 800 370 Wheel Cylinder Repair Kit Maruti 800 371 Circlip Lock Maruti 800 Car Piston372 Piston Ring (m 800 Car) Standard Size373 Gudgeon Pin Set (m 800 Car)374 Shell Bearing (m 800 Car)375 Bearing Halves (m 800 Car)376 Connectng Rod Bush (m 800 Car)377 Petrol Injeetor (m 800 Car & Alto Lxi)378 Rotor ( Distributor) (m 800)379 C.b. Point( Distributor) (m 800)380 Condenser ( Distributor) (m 800)381 Self Starter Kit With Coil (m 800 Car)382 Fly Wheel Ring Gear (m 800 Car)383 Fly Wheel ( Thrust Bearing) (m 800 Car)384 Tie Rod End 385 Brake Shoe Return Spring (m 800 Car)386 Door Lock Complete Assembly Including Arm (m 800 Car)387 Back Light Assembly (m 800 Car)388 Oil Sealset For (m 800 Car Engine)389 Balancing Waight 5gm390 Balancing Waight 10gm391 Balancing Waight 15gm392 Balancing Waight 20gm393 Balancing Waight 25gm394 Balancing Waight 30gm395 Balancing Waight 40gm396 Balancing Waight 50gm397 Refrigent 134a398 Petrol Nozzle Chemical399 Pad Lock 65mm (plaza)400 Needle Bearing For Ambassador Car Propeller Shaft401 Petrol High Pressure Piupe Line (m-800 Car)402 Silencer Complete (maruti 800)403 Engine Overhauling Kit(complete) Maruti 800404 Engine Overhauling Kit(complete) Ambassdor 405 Suspension Rubber Kit Maruti 800 406 Suspension Rubber Kit Ambassdor 407 Valve Lapping Stickes Small Dia408 Valve Lapping Stickes Medium Dia409 Valve Lapping Stickes Full Dia410 Silicon Grease Pouch For Caliper Brake411 Caster Wheel Heavy Duty 10" Size With Brake412 Electric Wiring Full Of Maruti 800 Car 413 Ignision Switch Complete Maruti 800 Car414 Small End Bearing Connecting Rod Maruti 800 Car415 Big End Bearing Connecting Rod Maruti 800 Car416 Ring Compressor Maruti 800 Car417 Valve Spring Maruti 800 Car418 Head Gasket Maruti 800 Car419 Manifold Gasket Inlet Maruti 800 Car420 Manifold Gasket Exhaust Maruti 800 Car421 Brake Pressure Pipe Line Complete Maruti 800 Car422 Master Cylinder Repair Kit Amb. Car423 Wheel Stud Assembly Maruti 800 Car (set Of 2)424 Head Stud Assembly Amb. Car (set Of 2)425 Alternator Repair Kit Maruti 800 Car426 Self Starter Repair Kit Maruti 800 Car427 Carburator Repair Kit (solex) Maruti 800 Car428 Distributer Cap With Ht Lead (maruti Gypsy)429 Distributer Candensor (maruti Gypsy)430 Distributer Cb Point (maruti Gypsy)431 Distributer Rotor (maruti Gypsy)432 Tube Valve (pkt Of 100 Pcs.)433 Sensor Kit (all Sensors) Maruti Alto Lxi 434 Radiator Fan Maruti 800 Car435 Horn Maruti 800 Car436 Horn Relay Maruti 800 Car437 Washer Assorted 438 Circluip Lock Assorted Size439 Side Mirror Left Maruti 800 Car440 Side Mirror Right Maruti 800 Car441 Wind Screen Mirror Maruti 800 Car442 Car Cover Water Proof (maruti Car)443 Dead Nut 1/4", Make: Da/jk444 Voltas A/c Drain Pipe (indoor) (original Length)445 Plastic Gitti 6mmx38mm446 Running Capacitor 50+06mfd, Make: Epcos447 Flexkwik (30ml), Make: Pidilite448 Packing Tape (black) 2"449 Air Control Thermostat For Frostfree Refrigrator (samsung)450 Fins Comb (18 Fins / Inch)451 Flux For Brazing (silmux-t) (500gm Pack), Make: Mathure Flux452 Coil Saver 400ml (krish Make)453 T-pole Chemical Dry For Leak Test454 Lock Rings 1/4" 455 Lock Rings Crimper 1/4" 456 Cpvc Pipe 3/4" (20mm) Make Supreme/prince457 Solvent Cement 200 Grm.458 Gray Cement 50 Kg Bag459 White Cement 2 Kg Bag460 Stop Cock Pvc 1/2''461 Ball For Float Valve 462 Ball Cock Alluminium Rod 9''463 Pvc Bib Cock (heavy Duty) 1/2''mm464 Pvc Waste Pipe 32mm465 Upvc Pipe Heavy Duty 3/4"(20mm) 466 Upvc Pipe 1"(25mm) 467 Pvc Connection Pipe 1/2"x18" Long468 Pvc Flexible Pipe 1" Roll 30m469 Gi Pipe Medium 1/2" (15mm) 470 Gi Pipe Medium 3/4" (20mm) 471 Gi Pipe Medium 1" (25mm) 472 Copper Pipe 6mm (length 18") Cromium Plated473 Pvc Gate Valve / Half Turn 3/4"474 Pvc Gate Valve / Half Turn 1"475 Pvc Bend 4"476 Pvc Pipe 3" (length 6 Mtrs.)477 Pvc Floor Trap 3"478 Pvc Gully Trape 4"479 Pvc Multy Trap 3"480 Cpvc Adhesive (glue) 200 Ml


India, Delhi, Delhi



Last Date For Submission

15 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

15 Oct, 2022

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