Tender For Supply Of Hydrochloric Acid , Albumin Kit , Amylase System, Anti Human Globulin, Benedicts Reagent, Bovine Serum Albumin, Ceadar Wood Oil 25ml, Combi Disc, Combi Disc , Micro Cover Glasses, Phosphorus System , Ck Nac System, Urine Culture Bot Sterile, Antiseptic Liquid , Widal , Esr Disposable Pipette, Formaldehyde Solution, Hba1c Sys, Hiv Kit, Leishmens Stain Solution , Microtips , Microtips, Microslides, Nutrient Agar, Washing Brush For Small Glass Tube, Plastic Test Tubes , Pregnancy Test Kit , Ra Test Kit, Sodium Hypochlorite , Aso Test Kit , Glass Test Tube, Tissue Paper Roll, Tornicate Elastic, Vdrl , Urine Albumin And Sugar Strips , Carbol Fuchsin Strong Solution, Micro Capilary Tube , Hba1c Calibrator , Electorolyte Analyzer Star Lyte, Mispa Nano Filter Fully Auto Analyser, Bilirubin Direct Sys , Bilirubin Total Tab, Mindray E Z Cleaner, Mindray Probe Cleaner , Chikungunya Igg Igm Test , Hbsag Card Method , Hcv Card Method , Hav Card Method , Hev Card Method , Fecal Occult Blood Cards , Plain Vaccum Vacutainers, Urine Ketone Bodies Strips, Urine Strips , Aptt , Magnesium Kit , Qualicheck Path Control , Typhoid , Progen , Urine Micro Albumin Urea Strips , Culture Sterile Swabs Stick, Band Aid , Gentian Violet Stain Solution 125ml, Methylene Blue Solution 125ml, Vacutainer Eclipse Collection Needle, Bd Ultra Fine Ii Lancet , Pasteur Pitette , H.pylori Rapid Kit , Microcentrifuge Tubes , Dm Water , Multi Calibrator, Refill Solution For Electrodes , Refill Sol For Reference Electrodes 20ml, Electrode Conditioning Sol, Electrolyte Quality Control , Reagent , Calibration Standard Solution , Deproteinizer With Diluent , Malaria Antigen , Dengue Ns1 , Sodium Plus Potassium , Brucella Abortus , Tuberculin Ppd , Combi Disc , Combi Disc, Tropo I Card , Vitamin D Finecare Card , D Dimer Card Finecare , T3 Card Finecare , T4 Card Finecare , Tsh Card Finecare , Pt Coagulation Vaccutainer , Esr Vaccutainer , Glucose Vaccutainer , Gel Clot Vaccutainer , Vitamin B12 , Cuvetts And Stirrers Hemostar , Hiv Rapid Kit , Abg Cal Pack

Tendering Authority: National Mineral Development Corporation Limited

India, Karnataka, Donimalai



Last Date For Submission

27 Aug, 2022

Closing Date

27 Aug, 2022

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NTID: 28809218
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