Tender For Supply Of Guttapaerch Points 28mm Long Radio-opaque 6 Sizes 15-40,45-80,90-140, Guttapaerchaprotaper Points Radio-opaque All Size, Paer Points 15-40,45-80,90-140s Terile,28mm Long , Finger Spreaders,colour Coded , K-file 28mm With Scale Marker Sizes 15-40,45-80,90-140, H-files 15-40 28mm Long , Rotary Files 2 4 6 Percent Taper , Root Canal Scaler , Non Setting Calcium Hydroxide Injectable Root Dressing , Edta Gel, Formacresol Bottle, Metapex Solution, Devitalizer, Alginate Impression Packets, Glass Lonomer Cement Dental Filling Material Type 1,2,3 , Zinc Oxide Eugenol Liquide & Powder, Calcium Hydroxide Temporary Filling Cement, Light Cure Fissure Sealente , Composit Restrotive Filling With Light Cure Machine, Dental Stone Packet, Plaster Of Paris Packet , Impression Compound Packet, Green Stick Compound Packet, Secondary Impression Material Zinc Oxide Eugenol Paste Tube Set , Cold Cure Monomer And Polymer Set, Modelling Wax Packet, Cold Mold Seal, Sodium Hypochlorite /hypo-3% Bottles, Surgical Burs For Impactions(stright, Round Bur), Surgical Burs Pathology Carbide,rosehead Bur) Small,medium,large Size Set, Burs (friction Lock Airotor Contra-angle Handpiece) Carbide Bur Set, Flame Shaped Bur Set, Diamond Point Bur Set, Crown Cutting Bur Set, Hydrogen Peroxide Bottle 6%, Matrix Clamp Tofflemire, Matrix Clamp Ivory Type With Lateral Shields, Matrix Band For Ivory And Tofflemire Retrainers, Dental Ortho Wire Roll 21,24,26 Gauze, Dental Wedges Packet, Prophylaxis Rubber Polishing Cup, Suction Tip Disposable Packet , Patient Drapes Cloth Or Towel Autoclavable, 3-0 Vicryil Suture (round Body), 3-0 Round Body Silk Suture, 3-0 Nylon Cutting Suture, 4-0 Cutting Prolene Suture, Disposable Head Cap Packets Box, B.p Blade Size-15 , B.p Handle No.3 & 4 , Iopa X-ray Film Adult & Pedo, Cidex Solution Bottles, Bio-os/nova -bone Dental Bone Graft 1cc, Liquid Handwash, Rolex Arch Bar, Hiv Viral Ot Dress Kit, Medical Emergency Medicine & Instrument Kit

Tendering Authority: Medical Education And Training

India, Uttar Pradesh, Ghazipur



Last Date For Submission

22 Aug, 2022

Closing Date

22 Aug, 2022

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