tender for supply of electrical materials to iim tiruchirappalli - 5a switch (make: legrand),model:myrius673000, 5a 5pin socket (make: legrand),model:myrius673044, 15a switch (make: legrand),model:myrius673010, 15a 3pin socket (make: legrand),model:myriuswh673045, insulation tape (make: deer), 2.5mfd ceiling fan condenser (make:keltron ), 4 feet tube light fitting (m.no: v2 vector 28w tch207) make : philips, 28w lamp 4 feet ,make : philips,model:t5 28w, single pole 10a mcb (make :siemens), single pole 16a mcb ( make :siemens), 40a 4pole isolator ( make :siemens), 63a 4pole isolator ( make :siemens), 16sq.mm cable alu ring type lug, 25sq.mm cable alu ring type lug, 35sq.mm cable alu ring type lug, 50sq.mm cable alu ring type lug, 70sq.mmcable alu ring type lug, 3 a glass fuse, 4a glass fuse, 4 core 16sq.mm aluminium armoured cable ,make: finolex, 40a 30ma 2pole rccb ( make :siemens), 5a plug top (make:anchor), 16a plug top (make:anchor), 16sq.mm cable alu straight type lug,make:finolex, 25sq.mm cable alu straight type lug, 35sq.mm cable alu straight type lug, 50sq.mm cable alu straight type lug, 70sq.mm cable alu straight type lug, 20w led square type surface fitting (m.no: sm200c led 16s) make: philips, 12w led suface light (m.no : beema round) make : klite, 6w round led fitting(m.no:dn391b led 6s-6500 psu wh pb) make: philips, 2 module fan regulator make: legrand, fan regulator nob, make: legrand, 150 mm sweep exhaust fan brisk air, make: crompton, 200 mm sweep exhaust fan brisk air, make: crompton, 14w t5 mirror light fitting (m.no:38105),make:philips, night lamp (m.no: 30974) make : philips, 3 module spn accl (make: havells),mains:30a,gen:20a, 20a master control dp switch (make: legrand), 2.5 sqmm copper cable (multi core) ,make:finolex, 1.5 sqmm copper cable (multi core),make:finolex, 2.5 sqmm copper 4 core armored cable,make:finolex, tube light fitting 14w (2 feet) (model: v2 14w),make:philips, tube light lamp 14w (2 feet) (model: v2 14w),make:philips, 2*2 ultra slim panel light (make: philips), choke led driver (m.no: t124000-36e10s) make: fulham, ignitor (m.no: spd1277s5a5k67) make: fulham, 10 mfd condencer (make:keltron ), solenoid coil (m.no:042n0840) ,make: donfoss, silica gel, 35*8 wooden screws, distilled water, 32a 4 pole isolator make:siemens, wooden plug, led light (type: dn392b led 10s - 6500 psu wh pb system power: 11.5w, 240v - 50 hz, make: philips), led light (type: pn39 led 6s-6500 psu wh pb system power: 7.5w, 240v - 50 hz, make: philips), constant current led driver, cat.no: bgp 70065-5y, make: bajaj, 32 a two pole isolator,make:siemens, 16 a two pole isolator,make:siemens, crono digital time switch (85-265 v ac/dc),make :l&t, 20mm electrical pvc pipe, 20 mm nail clamp pocket, 11 kv ht fuse, ½ inch transparent tube, 4 feet led fitting, make: philips, 2 feet led fitting, make: philips, angle holder (white) ,make:havells, 16 w led bulb , make: philips, over load relay, rating: 4.5 - 6.5 a, make: abb, junction box (make: sintex), solar water heater coil with anode rod, capacity: 3 kw, size: 1 1/, hrc fuse carrier, range: 20 a, mpcb, range: 9a to 13 a,make:l&t, mpcb, range: 4a to 6.3a,make:l&t, mpcb, range: 2.5a to 4.0a,make:l&t, name : ventilating fan, size:300mm , phase:1 ph (45 w) , voltage: 230 v, make: crompton greeves., name: solenoid valve spare parts.model: 042u0068 type: spare parts used for product: ev210a 1.2-3.5 fkm, make: don foss, name: sewage submersible pump.capacity:1 hp, model: stpm12, make: crompton, crc spray, model no: crc 2 -26, 500ml, pu foam insulation sealant,make: abro (750 ml)


India, Tamil Nadu, Tiruchirappalli



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04 Aug, 2021

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04 Aug, 2021

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