Tender For Supply Of Dressing Scissor, Stich Remover Scissor, Adson Tooth Forceps, Kindey Tray, Bowl, Steel Tray Big , Steel Tray Medium, Steel Tray Small, Allis Forceps, Mayo Hegoer Needle Holder, Lister Bandge Scissor, Sponge Holding Forceps, Kelly Forceps, Adson Forceps, Suture Sponser Scissor, Artery Forceps 4 Inch, Artery Forceps 6 Inch, Artery Forceps 9 Inch, Artery Forceps 12 Inch, Allis Forceps 4 Inch, Allis Forceps 6 Inch, Allis Forceps 9 Inch, Allis Forceps 12 Inch, Amputation Saw With Handle Blade, Anal Dialator, Instestinal Clamp 6 Inch, Instestinal Clamp 9 Inch, Instestinal Clamp 12 Inch, Sponge Holding Forceps 6 Inch, Sponge Holding Forceps 9 Inch, Sponge Holding Forceps 12 Inch, Chital Forcep Jar, Cysto Lithotomy Forceps, Wire Lip Forceps, Kocher Curved Forceps 6 Inch, Kocher Curved Forceps 9 Inch, Kocher Curved Forceps 12 Inch, Crushing Clamp, Mayo Scissor Cuverd 4 Inch, Mayo Scissor Cuverd 6 Inch, Mayo Scissor Cuverd 9 Inch, Mayo Scissor Cuverd 12 Inch, Mayo Scissor Straight 4 Inch, Mayo Scissor Straight 6 Inch, Mayo Scissor Straight 9 Inch, Mayo Scissor Straight 12 Inch, Metal Catheor, Urathral Dialator, Sinus Forceps, Bull Dog Clamp, Back Cook Forceps 6 Inch, Back Cook Forceps 9 Inch, Back Cook Forceps 12 Inch, Back Cook Forceps 14 Inch, Single Hook Retractor, Fistula Dialator Probe, Protoscope Adult Size, Protoscope Peadiatric Size, Dissecting Tooth Forceps 4 Inch, Dissecting Tooth Forceps 6 Inch, Dissecting Plain Forceps 4 Inch, Dissecting Plain Forceps 6 Inch, Fistula Butterfly Probe, Needle Holder Forceps 4 Inch, Needle Holder Forceps 6 Inch, Needle Holder Forceps 9 Inch, Needle Holder Forceps 12 Inch, Small Bowl With Spoon, Peritonial Cuverd Clamp 6 Inch, Peritonial Cuverd Clamp 9 Inch, Peritonial Cuverd Clamp 12 Inch, Towel Clip Small Size 4 Inch, Towel Clip Big Size 6 Inch, Urethral Dialator Female , Towel Clip Doyen, Right Angle Artery Forceps Blunt Tip 3 Inch, Right Angle Artery Forceps Blunt Tip 6 Inch, Dissecting Tooth Forceps Adson Type 3 Inch, Dissecting Tooth Forceps Adson Type 4 Inch, Non Dissecting Tooth Forceps Adson Type 3 Inch, Non Dissecting Tooth Forceps Adson Type 4 Inch, Debakey Forceps 20cm With Tip With 1mm, Micro Cuverd Scissor 3 Inch, Micro Cuverd Scissor 3 Inch, Miro Needle Holder Straight 14cm, Needle Holder Tungston Carbrile Tip, Scalpel B.p. Handel No 3 , Scalpel B.p. Handel No 4, Dcovers Retractor 19mm X 18cm, Dcovers Retractor 25mm X 30cm, Dcovers Retractor 38mm X 30cm, Dcovers Retractor 51mm X 30cm, Langenback Retractor Small, Langenback Retractor Medium , Langenback Retractor Large, Abdominal Retractor 70 X 40 Blade, Czernery Retractor Wide Blade 4 Inch, Czernery Retractor Wide Blade 6 Inch, Skin Grafting Handle Adult With Blade , Cat Pow Retractor, Skin Hook Retractor, Cheatle Forceps Harison Type Big, Periosteum Elevator Length 160mm Blade With 8mm, Bone Nibbler Lengh 7 Inch 4mm Wide Cuvred +straight, Vasucular Clamp, Ssg Grafting Blade, Laproscope Clip, Varicase Vein Stripper, Humbys Knife

Tendering Authority: Directorate of Medical Education Government

India, Madhya Pradesh, Chhindwara



Last Date For Submission

22 Aug, 2022

Closing Date

22 Aug, 2022

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NTID: 28812218
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