Tender For Supply Of Consumable Alpin Box, A4 Paper 75 Gsm Ream, Aluminium Foil 9mtrs Per Pcs, Binder Clip Small Per Box, Binder Clip Medium Box, Binder Clip Large Box, Brown Paper Sheet Box, Butter Paper Sheet, Blunt Forcep Pcs , Bottle Brush Small Pcs, Bottle Brush Medium Pcs, Bottle Brush Large Pcs, Board File Pcs, Cello Tape Half Inch Transparent, Cello Tape One Inch Tranparent Pcs, Cello Tape Two Inch Tranparent Pcs, Cello Tape One Inch Brown Pcs, Cello Tape Two Inch Brown Pcs, Cello Tape Four Inch Brown Pcs, Cloth Duster Pcs, Coloured File Tag Bundle, Cotton Roll 400gm Net Absorbent Roll, Cotton Roll 400gm Net Non Absorb Roll, Cover Slips 22 Into 22 Blue Star Box, Cover Slips 22into 50 Blue Star Box, Cover File Plastic Pcs, Cover File Pcs, Cling Film Saran Wrape, Disposable Cap , Disposable Mask, Disposable Gloves, Disposable Insulin Syrings 1ml Per Pcs, Disposable Syrings 1ml Per Pice, Disposable Syrings 2ml Pcs, Disposable Syrings 5ml Pcs, Disposable Syrings 10ml Pcs, Disposable Syrings 20ml Pcs, Disposable Syrings 50ml Pcs, Dettol 500ml Bottle, Dettol Handwash 1ltr Bottle, Dust Bin Bag Small In Kg, Dust Bin Bag Medium In Kg, Dust Bin Bag Large In Kg, Dot Pen Blue Pcs, Dot Pen Black Pcs, Dot Pen Red Pcs, Dvd Pcs, Envelope White Paper 24 Into 5 Cm , Envelope White Paper 24 Into 10 Cm , Envelope White Paper 24 Into 10 Point 5 Cm , Envelope Brown Paper 24 Into 5 Cm 100 P, Envelope Brown Paper 24 Into10 Cm 100 P, Envelope Brown Paper 24into 10 Point 5 Cm, Envelope Cloth Paper A4 Size , Envelope Brown Paper A4 Size, Exercise Book Small Pcs, Exercise Book Large Pcs, Electrical Tape 1inch , Electrical Tape 2 Inch, Eraser Per Box, Edta Vial 2ml, Edta Vial 5ml, Feather Duster Pcs, Fevikwik 20ml Pcs, Fevi Stick 25gm Pcs, Fevicol 200gmpcs, Folder File Plastic Clear A4 Size Pcs, File Tag Cloured Bundle, Floor Swab Duster 20 Into 20 Pcs, Gauze Than 90 Into18 Per Than, Glass Slide Blue Star 22into 50 Mm Box, Gloves Powder Free Nitrial Small Pair, Gloves Powder Free Nitrial Medium, Gloves Powder Free Nitrial Large Pair, Gloves Powdered Small Pair, Gloves Powdered Medium Pair, Gloves Powdered Large Pair, James Clip Box, Hand Sanitizer 1ltr Bottle, Hb Pencil Pcs, Hard Cover Lever Arch Box File Pcs, Highlighter Pen Orange Pcs, Highlighter Pen Blue Pcs, Highlighter Pen Green Pcs, Hand Towel 25 Into30 Inch , Heparinized Vial 4ml , Kimwipe Small , Kimwipe Medium, Kimwipe Large Box, Knife Paper Cutting Pcs, Lebelling Sticker Pkt, Lab Mat Soaker 18 Inti 20 Box Tarson, Lab Coat , Leucoplaster 5cm Into 9mtr Per Roll, Liquid Soap For Cleaning Glass & Plastic Ware 1ltr Bottle, Lizol Floor Cleaner 1ltr Bottle, Markers Fine Tip Red Pcs, Markers Fine Tip Black Pcs, Markers Fine Tip Green Pcs, Markers Fine Tip Blue Pcs, Markers Thick Tip Red Pcs, Markers Thick Tip Blue Pcs, Markers Thick Tip Yellow Pcs, Markers Thick Tip Black Pcs, Markers Thick Tip Green Pcs, Mop With Stick , Moly Sheet 60into 90cm Pce, N95 Mask Pcs, Note Book Long Hard Bound Pcs, Note Book Small Hard Bound Pcs, Paper Hole Puncher Pcs, Pencil Battry Pcs, Phenyl 5ltr Jar, Peon Book Pcs, Post It Tag Pkt, Punch Folder File Pcs, Personal File Pcs, Rubberband Pack Of 50 Gm, Rnase Away Spray 100ml, Sodium Hypochloritae Strile Solution In 500ml Bottle, Savlon Disinfectantspray 300ml, Scale Steel Pcs, Scalr Plastic Pcs, Scissor Paper Cutting Pcs, Sharpner High Quality Box, Stamp Ink 60ml, Stamp Pad 110 Into 69mm, Stapler Machine Big Size Pcs, Stapler Machine Small Size Pcs, Stapler Pin Small Size Box, Stapler Pin Medium Size Box, Stapler Pin Big Size Box, Stock Book Register Pcs, Store Indent Book 100page, Step Grip Tap Roll, Sterillium 500ml Bottle, Sticky Notes Pkt, Sticker Lable Pkt, Tissue Paper Roll 2ply Roll, Tonel Thread Roll, Teflon Tap Roll, Tag Filepcs, Watchmaker Forceps 5 Inch, Whitener Correction Pen, Writing Pad

Tendering Authority: Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute

India, West Bengal, Kolkata



Last Date For Submission

27 Aug, 2022

Closing Date

27 Aug, 2022

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NTID: 28810337
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