Tender For Supply Of A Vehs Spares Lv2/icvs 4720002998 (765-08-sb357) Hose, Lv2/icvs 5430000276 (675-05-sb126) Tank , Lv2/icvs 4910-000484 (765-12-sb285) Pan Drain, Lv2/icvs 765-12-8 Drum, Lv2/icvs 5340-010162 (675-60-sb115) Plate Resilient Mount, Lv2/icvs 4350-000001(765-32-83) Piston Compression, Lv2/icvs 765-12-402 Shaft Left, Lv2/icvs 5330-025020(765-50-2600) Gasket, Lv2/icvs 765-77-sb110 Frame, Lv2/icvs 4710-005158 (765-08-sb480) Pipe Assembly, Lv2/icvs 2920-002296(765-06-sb409) Glow Plug, Lv2/rcv Uk-10-vsb Appliance, Lv2/icvs 765-22sb-112 Sarvo Booster (cylinders), Lv2/icvs 2940-003789 (218-k) Filter Air Intake, Lv2/rcv 765-55sb-132 Traversing Mech With Electricmo Tdgn3, Lv2/icvs Pd-1t-0.6 Mpa-k2 Pressure Sending Unit, Lv2/icvs 4010-002709 (765-93sb-195) Wire Rope Assy Single Leg

Tendering Authority: INDIAN ARMY

India, Maharashtra, Pune



Last Date For Submission

01 Sep, 2022

Closing Date

01 Sep, 2022

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NTID: 28811270
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