Tender For Supply Of Hose,rub,air,3/4 Inch,8 Kg/sq.cm, Hose,rub,air,3/4 Inch, 15 Meter Long, 8 Kg/sq.cm, Hose,rub,air,1 In,8 Kg/sq.cm, Hose Rubber, Nitrogen, 1 Inch, 8 Kg/sq. Cm., Hose,rub,steam,3/4 In,18 Kg/sq.cm, Hose,rub,steam,1 In,18 Kg/sq.cm, Hose,cor,fl Ss,1.5in,300,10m,ss 321/304, Ss Hose 3/4 Inch X 2m (corru For Catalyst/cocatalyst), Hose,corr Flex,ss,1in,cl.150,10m, Hose,rubber,f/caustic, Hose Wire/hose Cplg,rub,chemical,1inx15m, Chemical Handling Hose 2 Inch And 10 Meter Long, Chemical Handling Hose 3 Inch And 10 Meter Long, Hose,corr Flex,ss,3in,cl.300,10m, Hose,corr Flex,ss,2in,cl.300,10m, Hose,corr Flex,ss,2in,cl.150,10m, Hose,corr Flex,ss,.75in,cl.150,10m, Hose,corr Flex,ss,1in,cl.300,10m, Hose,corr Flex,ss,.75in,cl.300,10m, Ss321/304, Hose,rub,nitrogen,1 In,8 Kg/sq.cm

Tendering Authority: GAIL(INDIA)LIMITED

India, Uttar Pradesh, Auraiya



Last Date For Submission

08 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

08 Dec, 2022

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NTID: 29368821
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