Tendering Authority: BHARAT PETROLEUM COPR. LTD.

India, Jharkhand, Dhanbad



Last Date For Submission

31 Jul, 2020

Closing Date

31 Jul, 2020


Tank Wagon Unloading Job At Bpcl Dhanbad Fy 20-21 General Terms & Condition For Tank Wagon Unloading Job A. At Bpcl Dhanbad Depot, Product Receipt Is Through Rail. For The Award Of Job Contract Of Unloading The Tank Wagon, Tender Is Being Floated. Contractor Will Have To Provide Minimum Six Number Of Unskilled Labour For Performing The Job Of Unloading The Tank Wagons Are Required As Per Need And Instruction Of Depot-in Charge. B. Contractor To Comply With Contract Labour (regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970 And Fulfill The Entire Statutory Requirement For Engagement Of Contract Workmen I.e. Pf & Esi Registration. C. Proper Muster Roll Or Register Of Wages For The Contract Workmen. Please Note That The Contractor Has To Maintain A Wage Register And An Attendance Register Or A Wage-cum-muster Roll, Where The Contract Workmen Will Sign And Receive The Wages. D. As Per Minimum Wages Act' 1948 Contractor Should In Any Case Has To Pay Minimum Wage To The Workmen As Per Latest Notification. E. Contractor Has To Cover His/ Her Workmen Under Employees Provident Funds And Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. Please Ensure That They Obtain The Pf Code And Submit The Contribution For Everyone. F. Contractor Shall Cover Their Employees Under The Employees State Insurance Act, 1948. G. Contract Workmen Will Be Allowed To Work Only With Full Ppe And Have To Abide By All Safety Rules And Regulations. Workmen Should Work In Proper Uniform, Safety Helmet And Safety Shoes Provided By The Contractor. H. Workmen Should Enter The Premises With Valid Identity Cards/gate Pass. I. Proper Penalty For Late Attendance And Loss/damage/demurrage Due To Late Reporting Of Workmen To Corporation By Workmen Will Be Recovered From The Contractor. J. Bill Should Be Providing With The Detail Of Number Of Tank Wagons Decanted On Monthly Basis. Along With The Bill A Supporting Sheet Mentioning The Detail Of Wage To Be Distributed To The Workmen With The Receiving Signature From Workmen Has To Be Submitted For The Processing Of Monthly Bill. K. Along With Bill Contractor Has To Attach The Pf Payment Details Of The Month. Also At The End Of Every Quarter, Pf Statement Of Each Labour Should Be Submitted To Us. L. Payment By The Contractor To The Workmen Has To Be Done Within 7 Days From The Next Month. M. Workmen Provided By The Contractor Should Be Of Good Moral Character In The Age Group Of 18 To 40 Years And In Any Case Found In Any Wrong Practice Will Not Be Allowed To Work. N. During Decantation Contract Workmen Shall Place Dcp Extinguishers & Safety Boards At Siding And Connect All Wagons With Bonding Wire. O. Only Non Sparking Tools To Be Used For Tank Wagon Unloading. P. Contractor Shall Provide Required Non Sparking Tools And Gaskets For Hose Connection. Q. It Will Be Contractor's Responsibility To Complete The Decantation Operation In Time. If Any Demurrage Incurred To Contract Workmen's Negligence Then The Same Will Be Recovered From Contractor Payment. R. The Contractor Should Submit A Brief Detail About The Workmen Along With Their Police Verification. S. Company Will Not Be Responsible For Any Deviation On Statutory Requirements From Contractor's End And Any Penalty In This Regard Has To Be Bear By The Contractor Only. T. If At Any Time During The Period Of The Agreement It Is Observed By The Company, Its Authorized Representative That The Service Rendered By The Contractor Is Not To The Satisfaction Of The Company Or Any Terms Of The Agreement Are Violated, The Company Will Have The Right To Terminate The Agreement Without Any Notice To The Contractor. U. This Contract Will Be Flexible On Account Of Depot Shutdown. Number Of Manpower Involved Can Be Reduced/increased As Per The Discretion Of Us In Event Of Depot Shutdown. The Contract Is Likely To Be Suspended For The Shutdown Duration. Decision Rests To Us. V. Vendor To Provide 2 Pair Safety Shoe, One Helmet , One Rain Coat And 2 Set Boiler Suit To Each Contract Workmen In A Year On Need Basis.

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