Supplying And Replacement Of Street Light Works At Mtnl Ground, Yamuna Vihar And University Road, Vishwas Nagar For Year 2022-23.


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Last Date For Submission

02 Feb, 2023

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02 Feb, 2023

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1 Street Lighting work at MTNL ground ,Yamuna Vihar. Supplying, replacement, testing and commissioning of HOT Dip galvanized octagonal steel pole of 8 mtr height and made of 3 mm thick sheet, having bottom 135 mm OAF & top 70 mm OAF provided with welded base plate of size 225 mm x 225 mm x 16 mm thick inbuilt control box 1.0 mtr above the base plate, complete with 250mm wide 3 mm thick hot dip galvanised MS strip in octagonal shape welded permanent around window cover/junction box i/c providing L-hook in opposite side of control box just below the M.S. strip provided on juncion box/cover box of suitable projection from the pole shaft to prevent the movable junction/cover box going down to the base plate and making a suitable size of hole on above the L-hook (600 mm approx) to hold the junction/cover box during the maintenance i/c covering with MS cover arrangement and the hole to prevent entry of rain water through it, complete as per drawing & technical specifications attached & providing following accessories with mounted inbuilt control box having flush cover with 2 nos. mounting strips with tapped holes on existing RCC foundation with bolt and nuts, making connections, interconnections with suitable size of copper wire with thimble/lugs in the connector box, earthing, marking/ numbering of pole etc. complete as per drawing & technical specifications attached including following accessories with mounted inbuilt control box as per relevant IS code i/c dismantle. (a). 6mm thick phenolic laminated/Bakelite sheet inside the window mounted on the existing mounting strips inside the flush door. (b). 1 no. 63 Amp terminal block suitable for following conductor / cable, fixed on DIN channels i/c providing and fixing DIN channel of suitable length on the existing phenolic laminated / Bakelite sheet. (i) 10 sq mm conductor 2 nos. (incoming and outgoing looping) (ii) Terminal suitable for 6 SWG GI wire / 2.5 sq mm wire. (c). 6 Amp, SP MCB,10 KA, C Series 1 no. including mountings on DIN channel, Earth stud 2 Nos. welded at suitable height i/c washers, springs washers & nuts etc. (d) Suitable arrangement for saddling of incoming / outgoing cables. 26.00 Each
2 Foundation nuts & bolts Providing and laying in position, M25 reinforced cement concrete foundation of size 500mm (L) x 500 mm (W) and 1600mm (D) i/c excavation of earth, providing cutting, bending and placing in position reinforcement of cold twisted bar of 12 mm dia. 1700 mm long (approx.) atleast 8 Nos. and reinforcement ring of cold twisted bar of 10 mm dia. 3000 mm long (approx.)- atleast 10 Nos. (with 150 mm spacing) i/c supplying of 4 Nos. M-24 x 800 mm long (150 mm top threaded & 250 mm top galvanized portion) M.S foundation bolt (EN 8-grade) with 3 Nos. nuts and 2 Nos. washer, bolt along with 2 Nos. templates/Anchor plate of size 225 mm x 225 mm x 4 mm thick having 4 Nos. 24 mm dia. holes to match with PCD of poles base plate with positioning of foundation bolts and providing 75 mm (OD) 2 Nos. DWC pipe for cable entry and exit as required for 10 m pole. 26.00 Each
3 Lighting Fixture Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of LED street light fitting made up of pressure die cast aluminium housing (IP-66 protection and IK07 impact resistance) complete with all accessories including making connection & complete as required. LED street light fixture of not more than 72 watt and lumens output not less than 7200 lm 26.00 Each
4 Wiring from pole control box to light fitting(s) Supplying and drawing following sizes of FRLS PVC insulated copper conductor Single core cable in the existing surface/recessed steel/PVC conduit/ Pole as required. a) 3 x 1.5 Sq.mm 312.00 Each
5 Cables & cable laying Supplying of following sizes of PVC insulated and PVC sheathed/XLPE aluminium conductor armoured power cable of 1.1 KV grade i/c connection & testing etc. as required and as per technical specification enclosed. 5.01 4 x 16 Sq.mm 806.00 Mtr.
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