supply order of cat a spares part - oil seal, s/a of suction pipe 7 hose –res to pump, universal joint, seal kit- side cover, seal kit, pull – off spring, spring- brake pedal return, buffer, thermostat, temperature sensor, s/a of 14” rdc clutch cover, 14’ clutch disc assy, clutch withdrawal plate, king pin repair kit, end assy rh, end assy lh, oil seal, rear brake chamber lh, rear brake chamber rh, automatic slack adjt, rear brake lining kit, ddu, air filter primary, fuel filter cum water separator, oil filter, hose assy – feed pump to filter, hose assy filter to fip, drive assy, solenoid switch, 6” hlp brk lining kit front, frt brake camber lh, frt brake chamber rh, automatic slack adjt, front shackle bush, front shackle pin, front spring lh, front spring rh, rear shackle pin, cotter pin, center bolt & nut, 2nd leaf, rear spring, spring shackle, filter element, primary air filter, safety air filter, armature assy, armature assembling kit, brush assembling kit, bearing bush assembling kit, fasteners assembling kit, sealing assembling kit, rotor assy, rectifier assy, brush, regulator & brush box assy, de brg assembling kit, radiator hose, radiator outlet hose, jupiter t bolt clamp alt f4r03210, turbo out let hose, ips oil seal, gear joint assy, automatic load sensing valve with voss ptfc, bolt i head ¾ bsf x 11.102 long x, nut nyloc hex ¾ bsf x 0.94 long x0, fuel stainer, s/a of hose, hose assy feed pump to fuel filter cum w/s, hose assy filter to fip, rubber ended nylon hose return liner (3750), lamp wedge base 24v 2 watt, ignition switch & starter switch, 4 st solenoid switch 24 v, micro rely 24 v alt-fj108500, bulb for head lamp, arens control, relay head lamp 24 v, hyd jack seal kit (datel ram r/ kit), starter winding assy, power steering pump assy, shackle pin, kit lining set std front lining matching 08 rivet, metacone mounting, pad engine mounting, rectifier, main leaf (rear)

Tendering Authority: Dte General Border Roads Organisation

India, Multi State, Multi city



Last Date For Submission

21 Jun, 2021

Closing Date

21 Jun, 2021

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