Supply Of Vmt -wheelbase, Ground Clearance, Overall Width, Curb Clearance, Drum Diameter, Total Travel Length, Height To Top Of Seat, Drum Thickness, Height To Top Of Roof, Drum Width, Engine Power, Propulsion Type, Exciter Drive, Steering System, Fuel Tank, Water Tank, Hydraulic Tank, Operating Weight, Operating Linear Load, Exciter Frequency, Centrifugal Force (each Drum), Total Applied Force, Working Speed, Drum Offset Right, Steering Lock Angle, Oscillation Angle, Inner Turning Radius, Gradeability With Vibration

Tendering Authority: Surat Municipal Corporation

India, Gujarat, Surat



Last Date For Submission

07 Feb, 2023

Closing Date

07 Feb, 2023

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NTID: 29299267
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