Supply Of Various Types Of Domestic Utensils - Plate Dinner, Board Pastry, Chaj For Cleaning, Brush Scrabbing, Knives Bread Cutting, Bowl Hand, Container Food Large With Lid, Bin Ash Large, Jug Aluminium, Fork Cook, Pins Rolling Chapati, Spoon Serving Large, Hook Butcher Dressing 9 Inch, Bowl Mixing, Knives Cook 6 Inch, Knife 4 Inch, Degchi 13 Inch, Kuncha 36 Inch, Lid For Degchi 13 Inch, Lid For Degchi 18 Inch, Lid For Degchi 25.5 Inch, Graters Coconut, Spoon Measuring, Opener Tin , Pails Iron, Pans Frying Medium, Pans Frying Large, Bins Galvanised Large , Container Peeling, Slicer Eggs, Parat Small 7 Inch, Rice Stainer , Parat Large 30 Inch, Degchi 18 Inch, Jugs 2 Ltr Steel, Jugs 2 Qtrs S/s, Ladles Cook Type A 1 Pint, Degchi 25 Inch, Cans Tea, Basin 18 Inch, Knife Cook 9 Inch, Spoon Serving Small, Brushes Nail

Tendering Authority: Indian Air Force

India, Himachal Pradesh, Solan



Last Date For Submission

05 Dec, 2022

Closing Date

05 Dec, 2022

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