Supply Of Telecom Lab, List Of Materials And Equipments - Telecom - Combination Pliers, Screwdrivers And Nut Drivers, Wire Strippers, Voltmeter, Ammeter, Labeling Machine, Power Drills And Drivers, Hammer/drills, Circuit Testers, Knife, Electrical Tape, Duct Tape, Atool Pouch, Ladders And Step Stools, Allen Wrench Set (hex Set), Non Contact Voltage Detector, Otdr, Power Meter, Desktop Computer With Intel I3 Processor, 6 Gb Ram & Cd Rom, Modems/routers, Printer With Scanner, Oscilloscope, Rj 45 Modular Plug, Diagonal Cutting Pilers, Long Nose Pliers, Multi Tester, Lan Teste, Fisshing Tool, Fusing Splicer (small), Fist Aid Box, Rulers, T-square, Screw Drivers, Googles, Gloves, Protractor, Anti-static Wrist Wrap, Crimping Tools, Flash Lights, Sharp Pointed Tweezers, Mirror (inspection), Utp Cat. 5 Cable, Utp Cat 6 Cables

Tendering Authority: Rajasthan Council of School Education

India, Rajasthan, Dholpur



Last Date For Submission

09 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

09 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 43 | Total Qty : 745
# Item Quantity Units
1 combination pliers 5.00 Nos
2 screwdrivers and nut drivers 5.00 Nos
3 wire strippers 5.00 Nos
4 voltmeter 5.00 Nos
5 ammeter 3.00 Nos
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