Supply Of Supply Of Liscad Software- 1. Liscad Survey Civil-pro Premium Survey & Mapping Software Comprising Of: , Liscad Computations Module: Creates, Dits And Examines Points, Lines, Splines, Polygons, Text And Alignments , Liscad Input/output Module: For Transferring Data To And From Other Systems And Survey Equipment. , Liscad Adjustment Module: Calculates A Rigorous Least Squares Solution For Field Survey. , Liscad Transformations Module: Performs A Least Squares Transformation Of Data Sets And Also Transforms Between Proejctions. , Liscad Modelling Module: Validates And Computes Dtm's Segments Breaklines And Displays Contours. , Liscad Volumes Module: Calculates Quantities To A Base Datum Or Between Surfaces And Can Compute Height Differences. , Liscad Profiles & Design Module: Creating And Editing Sectional Data For Cad Output And End Ara Volumes. , Liscad Background Images Module: For Registration And Image Referrencing Of Scanned Background Maps .

Tendering Authority: THDC India Limited

India, Madhya Pradesh, Sidhi



Last Date For Submission

22 Aug, 2022

Closing Date

22 Aug, 2022

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