India, West Bengal, Purulia



Last Date For Submission

22 Jul, 2020

Closing Date

22 Jul, 2020


Supply Of Stationery Items- I Calculator 12 Digit 2 Cartridge 12a For Hp Laserjet 1020 Plus Refill Cartridge 12a For Hp Laserjet 3 1020 Plus Cash Book(w.b. Form No.376a) Duster(clea Fling Cloth) Envelope 10 X4.5 Brown 100gsm 6 File (two Fold Folder File) File(lever Arch File Polycoated) 8 Mahabir_code_fm_308 9 File Cover File(4 Fold) Semi Coated Capacity 400 A4 Pages Grsr 10 File Tag Bundle 11 Gala Stick 6 Iong_100 Grams Royal Round Sealing Wax 8 Sticks In A Box 12 Gems Clips (metal) 50 Gram Novex 13 Gum Fevical Tube 30 Grams 14 Gum Of 150 Ml In Bottle Eureka 15 Gumtubeof20ml 16 Issue Register 17 Liquid Handwash 215m1 Bottle 18 Liquid Handwash Refill Pack 19 Liquid Mosquito Replant Machine(goodnight) 20 Liquid Mosquito Replant Refill(goodnight) 21 Office Pin Steel 16mm_bell 100gm Inabox 22 Pad Lock(5 Lever) 35mm Palam 23 Padlock(6 Lever) 35mm Palam 24 Padlock(8 Lever) 35mm Palam 25 Carbon Paper_sapphire 100 Piece Per Box 2lommx33omm Kores 26 Paper Flap For File 4 Colour Paper(2 Height).

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