Supply Of Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit-1 Gloves Surgical Grade, Nitrile, Powder Free Gloves, (free Size), 03, 2. Face Mask, Surgical Grade Disposable Ear Loop Face Mask, (3 Ply) Having 990, /0 Bacterial Filtration, Efficiency Bfe Free Size, 03, 3. Gown Surgical Grade Disposable Gown (free Size) 03, 4. Cap Surgical Grade Disposable Cap (free Size) 03, 5. Shoe Cover Surgical Grade Disposable Shoe Cover Free Size 03, 6. Hand-towel. Sterile Hand Towel Of 12x12 Inches.(white, Cotton ), 03, 7. Bio-hazard, Disposable Bag Bio-hazard Disposable Bag For Biological Waste, (size: 24x24inch . Along With Plastic Fastener., 03, 8. Sterile Gauze Sterile, Absorbent, Superior Cotton Yarn (high, Grade Ups Type Vll) Cotton Gauze (4x4 Inch),, Quantity Per Pack 2-4 Pes (surgical Grade), 03, 9. Filter Paper Sterile, White Colour Cellulose Filter Paper,, Circular With 25mm Diam., 180um Thickness,11, Um Pore Size (particle Retention) Grade: I., 05, 10. Alcohol Swabs Sterile (70% Isopropyl Alcohol), Thick And Soft, Cotton Swabs With Four Layered Wrapper, Air, Tight Seal To Prevent From Leakage And Drying, Out, Individually Wrapped, Usage: Clinic, Hospital, And Laboratory., 04, 11 Hand Sanitizer Safe, Non-toxic, 99% Germ Protection -25 Ml, (surgical Grade), 01, 12 Forensic Portable Magnifying Lens Having 3 Inch Diameter 01, Magnifier Lens With 3 Inch Handle (magnification Power: 5x Or, Higher) Usage: Forensic Crime Scene,, Glass/fiber Material, 13. Surgical Blades Surgical Grade Sterile Stainless Steel Scalpel, Blades With 4-5 Inch Holder Of Any Material, Steel/ Plastic., 01, 14. Forceps Surgical Grade Sterile Stainless Steel Forceps, (for Lifting Forensic Evidence) — 6 To 8 Inch, 01, 15. Scissors Surgical Grade Sterile Stainless Steel Scissors, — 6-7 Inch, 01, 16. Pasteur Pipette, (dropper), Sterile Disposable Plastic Droppers — 3ml 02, 17. Syringe, Sterile Disposable Syringe With Needle - 3ml 02, 18. Ampoule Of, Sterile Water, Ampoule Of Sterile Distilled Water (10ml.) 02, 19., Ampoule Of, Saline Ampoule Of Sterile Saline (ph-7.4) (10ml.), 02, 20. Ampoule Of, Phosphate, Buffer, Ampoule Of Sterile Pbs (ph-7.4 ) — 10 Ml 02, 21. Fta Cards With, Pouch, Individually, Packed With Two, Desiccants, Sterile, Filter Paper Cards For Collection Of, Blood Sample For Long Term Storage Of Dna At, Room Temperature (forensics Use), Specifically, Designed For Preservation Of Nucleic Dna For, Forensic Use, Should Have Real-time Dna, Stability Study On The Cards For At Least 15-20, Years. Dna/rna Free Iso Certification., 02, 22. Surface Swabs, (foam Tip, Applicator), Sterile Foam Tipped Applicator, Non-abrasive, Foam Head(lollipop Swabs), Individually Packed., 04, 23. Cotton Swabs Sterile. Dna/rna Free Sampling Cotton Swabs,, Screw Capped Polypropylene Tube. Cotton Bud, 05, With Stick, Individually Packed., 24 Sterile Plastic, Container, Sterile, Leak Proof, High Quality, Plastic, Polypropylene, Capacity — 30 Ml, 03, 25. Evidence, Collecting, Envelopes, Pre-printed As Per The Guideline, Kraft Paper, Double Fold Self Sealing Envelops/bags, Strong &, High Quality, (breathable And, Expandable),usage: Packing Of Evidence E.g., Clothing, Size: A3, 20, Pre- Printed As Per The Guideline, High Quality, Self-sealing Envelops, Breathable. Size: A4, 12, Pre- Printed As Per The Guideline, High Quality, Self-sealing Envelops, Breathable. Size: A5, 12, 26. Butter Paper Non-sticky Butter Paper Sheet Of 9 X 12 Inches, (sheets May Be Folded And Kept Into Small, Envelops). Usage: Collection Of Evidence, Material E.g. Hair Samples., 05, 27. Sticker Sheet, A4, White Colour Laminated Paper Sticker Sheet, Having 10 Stickers Per Page (size- A4) Having, Pre-printed Information As Per Guidelines, 01, 28. Tamper Proof, Tape, Tamper Proof Tape Strips (l .25 X 4 Inch) For, Sealing Of Evidence Material, 05, 29. Stainless Steel, Spatula Spoon, End, Stainless Steel Spatula Spoon End For Scraping, Evidence Material, 01, 30. Scale L. 12 Inch Foldable Scale With Conversion Table, (inches To Cm) Of High Quality Material., 2. Flexible Measuring Tape – (5ft.), 01, 31. Comb Both Spaced & Fine Teeth 01, 32. Nail Cutter Having Provision To Take Nail Scrapping 01.

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17 Dec, 2022

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