Supply Of Science Items (science Items) Resonance Apparatus, Resistance Box(1-10,000 ω), Sonometer Apparatus, A.c Mains Step Down Transformer, Horse Shoe Magnet For Sonometer, Optical Bench, Metre Scale(steel), Table Clock, Spring Balance, Clamp Stand, Concave Mirror-15 Cm(diameeter)fl-50 Mm, Convex Mirror Dia-15 Cm,fl-50 Mm, Dissecting Microscope, Concave Lens 50mm,fl-15 Cm, Convex Lens-50 Mm,fl-15 Cm, Glass Slab75x50x18 Mm, Glass Prism, Bar Magnet(alnico), Horse-shoe Magnet, Pendulam Bob, Digital Balance, Dissection Box, Periodic Table, Digestive System, Respiratory System, Excretory System, Reproductive System-(male), Reproductive System-(female), Human Heart, Human Brain, Human Nervous System, Human Eye, Human Ear, Flower-its Parts, Human Skeleton, Ultrastructure, Animal Cell, Plant Cell, Nitrogen Cycle, Carbon Cycle, Oxygen Cycle, Solar System, First Aid Kit, Hand Lens, Potassium Permanganate 500 Gm, Copper Sulphate 500 Gm, Sodium Carbonate 250 Gm, Sodium Chloride 500 Gm, Sodium Bi Carbonate 500 Gm, Dextrose/glucose 500 Gm, Methanol 2.5 Litres, Phenolphthalein 125 Ml, Red Litmus Paper, Blue Litmus Paper, Vim Liquid Soap( Vim) 500 Ml, Safranine 125 Ml, Napthalene Balls(doctors Brand) 500 Gm, Dropper, Acetic Acid 2.5 Litres, Test Tubes -125 Mm(borosil), Sphygmomanometer(mercury), Stethoscope(welchallyn), Glass Rod ( Standard), Glss Slide ( Blue Star), Cover Slip (blue Star 18x18) 10gm, Acetocarmine 100 Ml, Ethanol 500 Ml, Methanol 500 Ml, Sucrose, Starch 500 Gm, Nacl 500 Gm, Glassrod-10 Mm, Measuring Cylinder(10 Ml), Measuring Cylinder(50 Ml), Measuring Cylinder(100 Ml), Measuring Cylinder(500 Ml), Watch Glass 3 Inch, Petridish-15 Cm, Dropping Bottle-500 Ml, Beaker(50 Ml), Beaker(100 Ml), Beaker(250 Ml), Flat Bottom Flask(250 Ml), Flat Bottom Flask(100 Ml), Hard Glass Test Tube-10 Ml, Small Test Tube-2 Ml, Rubber Cock-all Sizees, Cork Borer-metal, Bent Tube-glass, Thermometer Good Quality, Tripod Stand-iron, Mortar And Pistle, Water Bath Copper, Test Tube Brush-small, Test Tube Brush-medium Size, Long Neck Dropper-glass, Sprit Lamp-glass 125 Ml, Funnel Sizes 50 Mm, Funnel Sizes 75 Mm, Funnel Sizes 100 Mm, Wire Gauze-std, Conical Flask-250 Ml, Wide Neck Conical Flask_250 Ml, Glass Jar With Lid-1 Ltr, Rubbers Of Long Neck Dropper Good Quality, Thread-ball, Plastic Tray 12 Inchx8 Inch, Weighing Machine L.c 0.01 Gm(10 Mg), Water Quality Tester- Pen,display, Soil Testing Meter-digital, Electric Heater/hot Plate-18x25x12 Cm 220v, Compound Microscopre Student

Tendering Authority: Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan

India, West Bengal, Kolkata



Last Date For Submission

17 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

17 Oct, 2022

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