Supply Of Recycle Gas Compressor Spares- Set Of Gasketes P No Hy331080002266 , Pad For Journal Bearing P N K0451, Set Of Pads For Journal Brg Otb Side, Bearing Thrust P N Hy331210002266 5rtds, Lab Seal 2 2 On 4th Imp P Hy331240042266, Lab Seal2 2 On 1 St Imp P Hy331240012266, Lab Seal 2 2 On 2nd Imp P Hy331240022266, Lab Seal 2 2 On 3rd Imp P Hy331240032266, Lab Seal 2 2 On 5th Imp P Hy331240052266, Lab Seal 2 2 On 6th Imp P Hy331240062266, Seal 2 2 Bet 1st 2 Nd Imp Hy331240112266, L Seal 2 2 Bt 2nd 3rd Imp Hy331240122266, L Seal 2 2 Bt 3rd 4th Imp Hy331240132266, L Seal 2 2 Bt 4th&5th Imp Hy331240142266, L Seal 2 2 Bt 5th 6th Imp Hy331240152266, Lab Seal Balancing Drum Hy331240202266, Lab Seal Suc Side P No Hy331240312266, Lab Seal Dis Side P No Hy331240502266, Fixture For Collar Assy Disc Assy, Oil Injection Equipment For 207k1, Coupling Hub Assy Disassembly Fixture, O Ring Silicon 952 938 7p N Hy7240194442, O Ring Silicon902 888 7p N Hy7240194418, O Ringsilicon882 868 7p N Hy7240194345, Gasket On Casing P N Hyhy7240195562, Gasket On End Covers P N Hyhy7240195570, Tef Gskt 882 869 4 1 Pn Hyhy7240195589, Viton Rubber P N Hy5990261012, Journal Bearing Pad P N Hy331180112317, Thrust Berg Modifd P N Hy331210002316, Thrust Bearing Pads 211 K 2, Lab Seal2 2 On1st Imp Hy331240012316, Lab Seal2 2 On2nd Imp Hy331240022316, Lab Seal2 2 On3rd Imp Hy331240032316, Lab Seal2 2 On4th Imp Hy331240042316, Lab Seal2 2 On5th Imp Hy331240052316, Lab Seal2 2 On6th Imp Hy331240062316, Lab Seal2 2 On7th Imp Hy331240072316, Lab Seal2 2bet1 2 Imp Hy331240112316, Lab Seal2 2bet2 3 Imp Hy331240122316, Lab Seal2 2bet3 4 Imp Hy331240132316, Lab Seal2 2bet4 5 Imp Hy331240142316, Lab Seal2 2bet5 6 Imp Hy331240152316, Lab Seal2 2bet6 7 Imp Hy331240162316, Lab Seal2 2on Bal Drum Hy331240202316, Lab Seal Suc Side Hy331240312316, Lab Seal Dish Side Hy331240502316, Rtd For Compressor Journal Brg Pads, Rtd For Compressor Thrust Brg Pads, Tool Kit For It Pn T 2625, Diaphragm Pack Assy Disassembly Fixtur, Spanner With Two Teeth, Oil Injection Equipment, Extractor M10, Coupling Hub Assy Disassembly Fixture, Hydraulic Ratcheting Torque Wrench, Fixture For Collar Assy Disassembly, Shoe For Thrust Bearing P N K0501, Journal Brg Assy P N Hy331181002266, Journal Berg Modifd P N Hy331181002316, Journal Brg Assy P N Hy331180002266.

Tendering Authority: Eprocure - Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited

India, Tamil Nadu, Tiruvallur



Last Date For Submission

07 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

07 Oct, 2022

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NTID: 29249939
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