Supply Of Overhauling Kit For Emergency Br. Valve Nb11 To Kb Part No .169411. Kit Consisting Of 15 (fifteen) Items As Follows: (i) A27763/22 O-ring, Qty/kit: 01 No. (ii) A38577 O-ring, Qty/kit: 01 No. (iii) A39947/1 Thread Cap, Qty/kit: 02 Nos. (iv) A39947/9 Thread Cap, Qty/kit: 01 No. (v) A93706 O-ring, Qty/kit: 01 No. (vi) B58513 Compression Spring, Qty/set: 01 No. (vii) B72511 Name Plate, Qty/set: 01 No (viii) 455020 Knorr-k-ring, Qty/set: 01 No. (ix) 461627 Knorr-k-ring, Qty/set: 01 No. (x) 461794 Knorr-k-ring, Qty/set: 01 No. (xi) 453016 Grooved Drive Stud, Qty/set: 02 Nos. (xii) 468825 Hexagon Nut, Qty/set: 01 No. (xiii) 463775 Retaining Ring, Qty/set: 01 No. (xiv) 466031 Locking Ring, Qty/set: 04 Nos. (xv) Ii69240/7 Piston Rod, Qty/set: 01 No. Make: knorr-bremse.

Tendering Authority: Eastern Railway

India, West Bengal, Howrah



Last Date For Submission

30 Sep, 2022

Closing Date

30 Sep, 2022

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