Supply Of Ont 17 A Components - 27pf, ±5%, 16v, Cog,0402 Size Ceramic Chip Capacitor - Rohs, 220pf, ±10%, 50v,0603sz, X7r, Ceramic Chip Capacitor (pb-free), 0.47μf,±10%,16v,x5r- 0603 Cer Ch Cap(pb-free), 3.3kpf ±10% 100v X7r-0805 Cer Chip Cap (pb-free), 10kpf, ±10%, 25v,x7r, 0402 Sz Ceramic Chip Cap - Rohs, 1μf, ±20%, 100v, X7r,1206 Mlcc (pb-free), 22μf, ±10%, 16v,1206 Size X5r Cer Chip Cap - Rohs, 0.1μf, ±10%, 16v,x5r,0402 Size Ceramic Chip Capacitor (pb-free), 4.7μf, ±20%, 6.3v,x5r,0402 Size Ceramic Chip Capacitor, 1000μf 25v ±20% Mini Rad Alu Elec Cap, 1μf, ±10%, 16v, X5r, 0402 Mlcc, 10μf, ±10%, 10v,0603 X5r Mlcc, 14v / 10mm Metal Oxide Varistor, Epon/gpon Voip Sfu/gw Processor, Fcbga-483(600mhz Mips,800mhz Np,5 Gbe,2 Pcie,2 Usb,sim Crd Cntrlr), 16 Bit I2c-bus To Led Driver 2.3-5.5v Tssop (with Progr. Blink Rates, 400khz, 2488/1244 Mbps Us/ds Onu Trnsvr 3.3v Sff (2x10, Burst Mode, 20km, G.984.5 Comp) Or Gpon Onu Trnsvr Class-b+ 2x10 Sff 3.3v (2488/1244 Mbps Ds/us, 20km,sc/apcpigtail, Quad 2-input And Gate Soics, Single Rs-232 Trnsvr 3-5.5v 250mbps Ssop, 2-ch Usb Pwr Switch & Over Current Protn So8 (2.7 - 5.5 V I/p), 2a, 23v Sync Stepd Own Dc-dc Converter Soics, 5a, 0.8-5v O/p Sync Stepdown Dc-dc Convrtr Qfn (4.5-21v I/p), 1gbit (128mx8) Flash Memory 3.3v 25ns Tsop, 2gbit (128mx16) Ddr3l Sdram 1.35v Cl11 Fbga-96b (800hz, 1.25ns, Ddr3-1600, 0 To 95°c), Dual Hv-ringing Slic Protector N170v Soics, 4 Layered Pcb,200mm X 150mm X 1.6mm, Wireless Half-mini Pcie Module 802.11 A/b/g/n/ac, 3.3v (2t2r,2.4/5ghz, 867mbps)

Tendering Authority: Iti Limited

India, Multi State, Multi city



Last Date For Submission

26 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

26 Oct, 2022

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