Tendering Authority: INDIAN ARMY

India, Tamil Nadu, Nilgiris



Last Date For Submission

12 May, 2021

Closing Date

12 May, 2021


supply of medical and surgical items - adhesive plaster 2.5 cm, alcohol based hand sanitiser (bottle of 500 ml), bag urostomy kit, bandage open woven uncompressed 10 cm x 4 metres, capd drain bag 3 ltrs, cic catheter female, diaper adult medium (pack of 10), disposable gown, disposable lancet (pkt of 100), disposable shoe cover, disposable sterile gauze, face shield, ffp2(n95) without valve, filter paper, glucose test strip (diaba scan - td - 4231), haematinic tab/cap containing ferrous fumarate vit b-12 folic acid and vit c, strength: 300 mg, 1.5 mg, 75 mg min, hydrogen peroxide solution, inhaler salmeterol 25mcg+fluticasone 125mcg (synchrobreathe), inhaler salmeterol 50mcg+fluticasone 100 mcg, inj b12(cynocobalamine), inj darbepoetin 40 mcg, inj diazepam 10 mg/2 ml, inj filgrastin 300 mcg, inj insulin aspart nova rapid 100 iu/ml 3 ml pfs, inj interferon beta 1a 44 mcg, inj methotrexate 25 mg, inj methotrexate 50 mg, inj tt 5ml vial, iv fluids normal saline 500 ml, keto diastix 50 strips, kit crp (50 test per kit), kit hcv rapid (sd) 30 cards per kit, kit pttk (08 ml kit), knee cap xxl, lab cover slip for microscope, lab esr tube (western green), lab leishman stain (bottle of 500ml), lab micropipette 1000 ul, lab micropipette 500 ul, lab micropipette 5-50 ul, lab microscopic slide (pkt of 50 slides)- 26x76mm- labtech, lab wbc diluting fluid (bottle of 125ml), liq blood grouping anti d, liq blood grouping sera a, liq blood grouping sera ab, liq blood grouping sera b, liq e-z cell clean 200 ml, liq probe cell clean 200 ml, liq rinse 20 lit, liq spirit surgical, liquid paraffin (bottle of 500 ml), ls belt xxl, m-30 cfl lyse (pack of 100 ml), m-30 d diluent, m-30 probe cleaner pack of 30 ml, nasal spray normal saline (100ml bottle spray), oint miconazole nitrate 1%, ph paper (litmus paper), polyvinyl alcohol & povidone eye drops, potassium permanganate crystal, ppe kit for covid-19, pulv neomycin+bacitracin+polymyxin (neosporin), sodium hypochlorite solution 5% (can of 5 ltr), surgeon cap, surgical cervical collar, surgical disposable face mask, syp b complex bott of 200 ml, syringe insulin 40 iu, tab 5 amino salisylic acid 400 mg, tab aceclofenac 100 mg + paracetamol 325 mg, tab acotiamide 100 mg, tab ambrisentan 5 mg, tab amiloride 5 mg + frusemide 40 mg, tab amoxicillin 500 mg + clavulanic acid 125 mg, tab antacid (chewable) containing dried aluminum hydroxide ip 250mg mag hydroxide nf 250mg methyl polysiloxane 50mg, tab antispasmodic containing dicyclomine hcl 10mg, dextroprop oxyphen hcl 65mg acetaminophen ip 400mg, tab bicalutamide 50 mg, tab canaglifozin 300 mg, tab clonazepam 0.25 mg, tab cyclosporin 50 mg, tab danazole 100 mg, tab diltiazem 90 mg, tab dolutagravir 50 mg, tab enzalutamide 40 mg, tab escitalopram 10 mg + clonazepam 0.5 mg (nexito forte), tab fexofenadine 180 mg, tab glimepiride 3mg, tab glipizide 5 mg+ metformin 500 mg, tab imatinib mesylate 400 mg, tab lacosamide 100 mg, tab levetiracetam 750 mg, tab levodopa 200 mg + carbidopa 50 mg cr, tab mesalamine prolonged 1.2 gm, tab methyl prednisolone 16 mg, tab methylcobalamine+ pregabalin + alphalipoic acid, tab methylprednisolone 8 mg, tab metoprolol xl 12.5 mg, tab metronidazole 200mg, tab mirtazapine 7.5 mg, tab oxcarbazapine 300 mg, tab pancreatic lipase 25000 iu, tab pancreatin 180mg (panzynorm hs), tab pramipexole 1 mg, tab pyridostigmine 60 mg, tab rivaroxaban 20 mg, tab ropinirole xl 4 mg, tab safinamide 100mg, tab sevelamer 800 mg, tab sofosbuvir 400 mg, tab tacrolimus 1mg, tab tacrolimus 2 mg, tab tamoxifen 10 mg, tab thyroxin sodium 12.5mg, tab ticagrelor 60mg, triple layer mask, tube vacuum blood collection with needle edta, ultrasound jelly, universal safety goggles, urine disposable container, uristix bott of 50 strips, vaccum blood collection tubes with needles : sodium fluoride 2ml/3ml, tab dabigatran 150 mg, tab thyroxin sodium 75 mcg, tab sodium valproate cr 300 mg, tab ticagrelor 90 mg

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