supply of machinery and equipments for physiology department - hemoglobin-meter sahli's or hellige (with spaces), hemocytometer, sphygmomanometer (digital), stethoscopes, mosso's ergograph, thermo-aesthesiometer, algometer, ophthalmoscope, tuning fork to test hearing 32-10000 cps (sets-100 hz), tuning fork to test hearing 32-10000 cps (sets-256 hz), tuning fork to test hearing 32-10000 cps (sets- 512hz), clinical thermometer, compass aesthesiometer, stethographic kit, stethographic kit (without stethograph), chemical balance, utility trays (small 20), utility trays (large 10), beakers (50 ml) (borosilicate), beakers (100 ml ) (borosilicate), beakers (250 ml) (borosilicate), beakers (500 ml ) (borosilicate), measuring cylinders(50ml) (borosilicate), measuring cylinders(100 ml) (borosilicate), measuring cylinders(250 ml) (borosilicate), measuring cylinders(500 ml) (borosilicate), measuring cylinders(1000 ml) (borosilicate), cover slips (borosilicate, 25 mm), funnel (glass) (borosilicate, 75 mm diameter), syringe cutter (manual), staining rack (stainless steel for 25 slides), watch glass (borosilicate, 100mm), dropping bottles (borosilicate, 30 ml), droppers (borosilicate , 3ml), filter flask (250 ml) (borosilicate), filter flask (500 ml) (borosilicate), filter flask ( 1000 ml) (borosilicate), pasture’s pipette (borosilicate), stirring rods (borosilicate), glass pipettes (10 ml) (borosilicate), test tubes (18x 150) (borosilicate), test tubes (15x 125) (borosilicate), culture tubes (borosilicate, 15ml), test tube stands (stainless steel), hemoglobinometer tubes, glass slides, syringes (disposable) 5ml, storage vial (5 ml), height measurement scale/ apparatus, weighing machine, reagent racks metallic, length 3 feet x breadth 1 foot, with 2 shelves (18 inches and 10 inches) (8 required for haematology lab), bedside screens with wheels, ishihara’s chart, jaeger’s chart, snellen’s chart, pulse oximeter (digital), peak flow meter, master’s step (wooden), step 1.5 ft x 1 ft x 6 inches, slide staining boxes, tripod stands, digital thermometer (-50 to 300 c range), filter paper (pack of 100 circles) diameter 110 mm., torch with batteries, metronomes (lcd), chemicals: glacial acetic acid, cedar wood oil 5 ml, glycerol, hydrochloric acid (n/10) 500 ml, leishmann's stain, rbc diluting fluid ( hayem's fluid), wbc diluting fluid ( turk's fluid), trisodium citrate 500 gram, labolene solution 500 ml, spirit (1 litre), edta powder 1 kg, monoclonal antibodies anti a,b,d for blood grouping, digital spirometer,

Tendering Authority: Department Of Medical Education And Research

India, Punjab, Mohali



Last Date For Submission

29 Jul, 2021

Closing Date

29 Jul, 2021

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