supply of machinery and equipments for pediatrics department - ambu bag and face mask - neonate & infant, ambu bag and face mask - children, nasal prongs, nasal catheter, endotracheal tubes no 2.5, endotracheal tubes no 3, endotracheal tubes no 3.5, endotracheal tubes no 4, endotracheal tubes no 4.5, endotracheal tubes no 5, endotracheal tubes no 5.5 (cuffed), endotracheal tubes no 6 (cuffed), suction apparatus, suction catheter size 5, suction catheter size 6, suction catheter size 7, suction catheter size 8, suction catheter size 10, laryngoscopes- infants, laryngoscopes- children, oxygen cylinders, oxygen regulators, oxygen humidifiers, oxygen head box (small), oxygen head box (medium), oxygen head box (large), nebulizers, blood transfusion set, intravenous (i.v)drip set, measure volume set, intravenous (i.v) cannula (butterfly type), intracath (no 22), intracath (no 24), intracath (no 26), umblical vein catheter (fg: 3.5), umblical vein catheter (fg: 5), infant feeding tubes (no 5), infant feeding tubes (no 6), infant feeding tubes (no 7), infant feeding tubes (no 8), infant feeding tubes (no 9), three way and four way valves, weighing machine for infant/ neonate, weighing machine for child, infantometer, stadiometer, measuring tape, shakir’s tape, digital thermometer-oral *(mercury based instruments to be replaced with other alternatives), bp measuring instrument with various cuff sizes - digital (only non mercury alternatives to be used), bone marrow needle, lumbar puncture (l.p.) needles, pleural aspiration needle, vim silvermann liver biopsy needle, true cut renal biopsy needle, x-ray view box, glucometer, pulse oximeter(neonatal), pulse oximeter(pediatric), cpap machine, ophthalmoscope, pleural fluid collection bag, urine collection bag, led phototherapy unit, radiant warmer

Tendering Authority: Department Of Medical Education And Research

India, Punjab, Mohali



Last Date For Submission

23 Sep, 2021

Closing Date

23 Sep, 2021

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