Supply Of M-48 Kit For Air Dryer Of Trident Make To Model No. Ld 2000120 Consisting Of 14 Items. 1) Filter Element Trident Part No.ad433 =01 No. 2) Cup Top Filter Trident Part No.cd668=01 No. 3) Cup Bottom Filter Trident Part No.cd669= 01 No. 4)spare Kit Filter Bottom Trident Part No.as443=01 No. 5) Spare Kit Valve Double Poppet Trident Part No.as444=01 No. 6) Filter Element M250y Trident Part No.ac077=01 No. 7) Spare Kit Valve Shuttle Trident Part No.as445=01 No. 8)spare Kit For Purge Valve Trident Part No.as446=01 No. 9)bag Cartridge Desiccant Trident Part No.cd671=02 Nos. 10) Spring Compactor Trident Part No.cd673=02 Nos. 11) Spare Kit Seals Tower Trident Part No.as447=01 No. 12) Sub Assly Humidity Indicator -3-r1 Trident Part No.ad925=02 Nos.13)gasket Pad Amisco Solenoid Valve Trident Part No.as079a=02 Nos. 14) Spare Kit Seals Controller Box trident Part No.as709=01 No.

Tendering Authority: South Eastern Railway

India, Odisha, Multi city



Last Date For Submission

16 Aug, 2022

Closing Date

16 Aug, 2022

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