Supply of Gum paint bott of 15 Ml , Benzocaine 20%, Pectin based, oral ointment Tube of 5 gm , Clove Oil bottle of 50ml , Desensitising paste (Stannous Fluoride / Pottasium Nitrate/Sodium monofluro-phosphate) Tube of 40-55 ml or gm , Post Extraction resorbable fiber based alveolar dressing, jar of 10-12 gms , Pulp Devitaliser Non Arsenic containing Paraformaldehyde 46% Lidocaine Base 37% Phenol 6% paste, Jar of 4.5 gm , Collagen with hydroxyapatite and chlorhexidine pack of 1 gm , Periodontal Pack (non eugenol) two paste system of base & catalyst 90 gm each , Chlorhexidine gluconate solution equivalent to 4% w/v with Isopropanol< 10%, Ethoxylated alkylphenol < 10% Fatty acid diethanolamide< 10%, Acetic acid glacial , Abrasive mounted diamond FG round 1.8mm , Abrasive mounted diamond FG inverted cone 1.8mm , Abrasive mounted diamond FG cylindrical 1.2mm , Antiseptic oral pain relieving topical gel in gm or ml , Bur tungsten carbide for straight hand piece 7mm , Cloth glass polishing (Bleached cotton white) 1x½ metres , Ultrasonic cleaning solution with corrosion protection. Pkt of 20-25 pouches containing 15 ml each , Hand piece lubricant spray bott of 500 ml , Mirror mouth plain glass, top for , Disposable RVG sensor sleeves (Pkt of 1000) , Cloth Napkin absorbant dental disposable 15x15 cm pack of 500 , Fiber reinforced composite strip for splinting (light cure) 22cms in length in assorted sizes of 2,3,4 mm width , Office Dental Bleaching kit complete , Slab glass mixing size 15.2cmx 7.6cmx2.2cm , Patient bib, plastic , Tips saliva ejector disposable pack of 100 , Calcium hydroxide with iodoform Root canal dressing and filling paste in syringe of 2-4 gms , Pit and fissure sealant syringe of 1-3 ml , Calcium hydroxide coated GP points , Suction cleaning solution bott of 1 ltr , MTA based Root canal sealer pack of 2-3 gm , Artificial saliva bottle of 100-150 ml , Plaster of Paris special Dental-Grade 1 , Self cure scrylic powder pink shade bottle of 110 gm with rapid repair liquid 110 ml , Teeth acrylic cross linked set of 28 complete (comprising one set each of upper and lower anterior teeth and one set each of upper and lower posterior teeth) , Spray anaesthetic surface bott of 100ml , Syringe hypodermic cartridge type needle presterlised disposable pkt of 100, size 25 mm , Syringe hypodermic cartridge type needle 35 mm long presterlised disposable pkt of 100 , Brush bristle mounted small cup-shaped for right angle handpiece, box of 12 , Polishing cup rubber, mounted soft for RAHP pkt of 12 , Material impression alginate pkt in 300 to 500 gms , Crown anchorage posts, Titanium/gold plated metal assorted size screw type with keys and matching reamers complete , Crown and bridge plaster diestone super hard for pkt of 100 gms , Crown preparation Kit containing 14-15 multilayered diamond Titanium nitride coated tips/points. , Dual cure luting resinkit syringes of 4-5 ml , "Rubber base impression material kit with accessories , BIS Acrylic Resin Based provisional Kit for temporary crown work , Broach, nerve canal barbed assorted size pkt of 12 , Dental Nano Composite restorative kit photo cure complete with dual shades for dentine & enamel with translucent shade consisting of 6 syringes of 3.5-4 gm each with etchant and bonding. , Fine and medium abrasive diamond/ Aluminum oxide coated strips- pkt of 10 , Flowable light-cure Composite kit complete of four syringes of 2-4 gm each with etchant and bonding , Gutta percha points, set of 02 boxes of size15-40 & 45-80 (box of 120) , Lining cavity composite Cal hyd based photocure - syringe of 5 - 7 gm with applicator tips , Material temporary filling, no mix (single phase) bott of 25-30gm , Material plastic glass ionomer photo cure for lining & luting powder 10-15 gm and liq , Material restorative glass Ionomer type II for filling containing powder 10-15 gm and liq, set of , Medicament root canal formocresol-bott of 10 - 15 ml , Sol Sod-hypochlorite 2% for endodontic irrigation bott of 500ml , Matrix retainer SS (Ivory pattern) complete , Matrix retainer SS (Ivory pattern) Band for, pkt of 12 (for molars and premolars) , Outfit, Matrix retainer SS (Siqveland), , Outfit Matrix SS (Siqveland) bands narrow for , Points absorbent root canal assorted Box of 6 tubes containing assorted sizes , Root canal sealer paste for obturation containing two tubes/preloaded syringes , Universal Self Etching cum Bonding system (sixth generation) two bottle system of 4-5 ml each with corresponding applicator tips , Stand perforated covered for reamers for 50-60- instruments , Strip polyster colour coded 0.95cmx10cm box of 100 for tooth coloured restorations , Reinforced quartz fibre Post -kit complete (with corresponding drills) , Mineral Trioxide Aggregate ( pkt of 1 gm) , Set of six Hand NiTi tapered files 21mm length with corresponding gutta percha points and paper points-complete kit , Set of six Hand NiTi tapered files 25mm length with corresponding gutta percha points and paper points-complete kit , Set of six Rotary NiTi tapered files 21mm length with corresponding gutta percha points & paper points Set Complete , Set of six Rotary NiTi tapered files 25mm length with corresponding gutta percha points & paper points set complete , Endodontic access burs-set of 06 , Endodontic safe-ended bur -Set of 2 , K files stainless steel size No 8 length 25 mm set of 6 , K files stainless steel size No.10 length 25 mm set of 6 , K files stainless steel length 25 mm size no 15-40 set of 6 , K files stainless steel length 25 mm size no 45-80 set of 6 , H file stainless steel Size No 15-40 , length 21 mm set of 06 , GP solvent-bott of 10- 20 ml , Barbed broach set of 10-12 , Aluminium titanium nitride surface treated instrument kit(Two sets of 05 instruments each for ant and posterior composites) , Composite finishing and polishing kit , Metal cutting carbide monolithic bur set of 12 , Silicone soft liner material Cartride of 50 ml , Rolls, Absorbent Cotton Dental assorted sizes in box of 500 , Spare bulb for Light cure , Mouth Ulcer Pain releiving gel, tube of 10 gm , Inter Dental Brush Pack of 05 , Tooth brush (Soft/ultra soft) , Dental Floss ( Pack of 50) , Alveogel, Bott of 20 gm

Tendering Authority: INDIAN ARMY

India, Delhi, Delhi



Last Date For Submission

31 Jul, 2021

Closing Date

31 Jul, 2021

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