Supply Of Electrical Machines Lab, Power System Lab-ii, Semiconductor Physics & Devices, Control System Lab (q3.)-a) Electrical Machines Lab :-1 Single-phase Transformer Setup, 2 Single-phase Induction Motor Setup, 3 3-phase Induction Motor (squirrel Cage) Setup, 4 Occ And Scc Of Synchronous Generator & Xd And Xq Using Slip Test, Regulation Efficiency Of Alternator Using Direct Loading, Synchronous Impedance Method And Zpf Method D.c. Motor– Alternator Setup, B) Power System Lab-ii- Differential Relay Trainer, Ov/uv Relay Trainer, Idmt Over Current Relay Trainer, C) Semiconductor Physics & Devices- Photodiode , Phototransistor And Ldr Characteristic Kit, Scr V-i Characteristics Trainer Kit, Tunnel Diode Trainer Kit, Ujt V-i Characteristics Trainer Kit, Varactor Diode Trainer Kit, Study Of Energy Band Gap And Diffusion Potential Of Pn Junctions, D) Control System Lab- Time Response Of Second Order System, Compensation Of Control System: Introduction, Type Compensation Approach To Compensation, Ac Servo Motor Setup, Dc Servo Motor Setup, Design Of Pid Controller.

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13 Oct, 2022

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13 Oct, 2022

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