Supply Of Eca And Power Electronics And Physics Lab, Analog Oscilloscope-1) Physics Lab : Sextant, Flywheel, Torsional Pendulum, Thomson Method, Spring Constant, Frank Hertz Experiment, F.e.t. (field Effect Transistor Apparatus), Inverse Square Law Of Radiation Using Photoelectric Effect, V-i Charecterstic Of Semiconductor Diode, Band Gap Of Semiconductor Material Using Diode, Determination Of 'g' And Velocity Of Free Fall In Body Using, Digital Time Technique, Dielectric Constant Apparatus, Planck's Constant Apperatus Using Photoelectric, Vernier Caliper (heavy Quality), Micrometer Screw Gauge, Spherometer Double Disc, Metal Bob For Simple Pendulum, Digital Stopwatch Racer, Setup Of Simple Pendulum, Inclined Plane With Pulley, Teekwood, Analog Voltmeter (d.c.),70mm Dia. With Stand, Analog Ammeter (d.c.),70mm Dia. With Stand, Spectrometer, 6” Dia With Brass Scale, Crown Glass Prism For Spectrometer, Compass 0.5 Inch, Glass Prism-2" (bubble Free), Bar Magnets 2", Lens/mirror Stand For Concave/convex Lens 3", Pin Stand, Concave/ Convex, Lens & Mirror 3", Connecting Leads, Glass Slabs (75x50x18 Mm) Bubble Free, Young Modulus Apparatus (searls Type), Pendulum Bob (3/4 " &1") Brass, Telescope Reading Type- Heavy Quality, Optical Bench, 1.5 Mt Brass Rod With Complete Accessories, Sodium Vapour Lamp With Transformer & Cabinate (complete), Travelling Microscope (h&v), Newton Ring With Microscope, Deflection Magnetometer With Compass, Oscillation Magnetometer With Brass Patt1 & Magnet, 2) Electrical Circuit Analysis Lab : Frequency Response Of Series And Parallel Resonance Circuit Salient Features, Determination Of Self-inductance, Mutual Inductance And Coupling Coefficient Salient Features, Measurement Of Phase Voltage And Current As Well As Line Voltage And Current For Star-delta Connected Balanced Load, Termination Of Z And Y Parameter Of Two Port Network, 3)power Electronics Lab- Solar Power Generation System Trainer.

Tendering Authority: Science And Technology Department

India, Bihar, Purnia



Last Date For Submission

07 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

07 Oct, 2022

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