Supply Of Diagnostic Kits To Various Locations In Tamil Nadu-petridish With Lid Made From Polystyrene. Should Be Optically Clear, Transparent, Disposable And Sterile. Petridish Size Minimum 90 Mm Diameter X 15 Mm Along With Suitable Lid Pack Of 10 Pieces, Bovine Early Pregnancy Diagnostic Kit A. The Kit Should Be For Veterinary Use And Able To Detect Early Pregnancy Diagnosis On 28th Day After Artificial Insemination In Cows And Buffaloes. B. The Kit Principle Should Be Based On Early Placental Markers (pregnancy Associated Glycoproteins). C. The Kit Should Be Able To Detect Early Placental Markers In Clinic And On Farm In Less Than 30 Minutes Using Bovine Whole Blood (edta), Plasma (edta) Or Serum As Early As 28 Days Post Breeding With No Interference From A Previous Pregnancy After 60 Days Post Calving, D. In Cows Sensitivity Should Be 99% And Specificity Should Be 100%. E. Kit Patency Should Be Registered And Available Throughout The Year In India. F. The Kit Should Have A Shelf Life Of 18 Months Or More. Each Kit Should Be Sufficient For Carrying Out A Minimum Of 180 Tests. Each Kit Should Be Supplied With One 100 Ul Fixed Micro Pipette And One 50 Ml Wash Bottle. .


India, Tamil Nadu, Chennai



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15 Dec, 2022

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15 Dec, 2022

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