Supply Of Containers Sauce Pan With Lid Fry Pan Tava Roti/ Tava Dosa Parrat Grater(multipurpose) Patila With Lid Kadchhi Knife All Types Peeler/ Chamcha/ Chimta/jhara/ Masala Dabba Cutlery Set Chakla Belan Kadahi With Lid Dinner Set (steel) Bucket/ Dustbin/ Tub Pressure Cooker Lighter Tray Crockeries (tea Set Borosil Glasses) Namak Dani Set Stiching Material—needle Box Gas Chula With Cylinder/ Chimini Indection Paper Napkins/ Cloth Napkin/ Table Mat Model-parts Of Flower/ Kidney/brain/heart/human Eye& Ear Weighting Machine Digital Sonometer Sccale Scale Electronice Weight Sclae 6kg Calcium Oxide Clycerol Iodine Solution Phenol Glacial Acetic Acid Safferemine Potassium Mydroxide Canada Balson Fehling Solution Calcium Chloride Acid Accumulator Cylender Noggel/ Regulator/rubber Set Bottele Opener Sweing Machine Washing Machine Fabric Colour Set Bad Sheet Soffa Set Cover Dinning Table Cover Vacume Cleaner Hair Cap/ Aprin Microwave Phillips Otg Toster Grill Sandwich Maker Hand Grinder Steel Bartan Set Coffe Maker Mixer /grider/ Juicer All Types Seaser Water Coler 20 L Aquagurd Modular Kitchen Autoclave Portable 21l Autoclave Portable 50l Dissecting Microscope Binocular Microscope Deep Freezer Compound Microscope High Defination Microscope Microscopic Eye Pic Triangular Microscope Ganong Respirometer Hot Air Oven 14x14x14 Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate Maximum Minimum Thermometer Micro Pipette Variable 1-5ml Uv Chromatographic Chamber Ph Meter ( Digital ) With Elctrodes Thin Layer Chromatography Apparatus Water Bath Double Wall ( 12 Holes) Ss Bod Incubator Digital Colony Counter Digital Tds Meter Flame Photometer Interactive Led Panel Digital Thermometer Projection Microscope Betological Incubator Stainless Steel Laminar Air Flow Horizontal Hair Dryer Homogenizer Distillation Apparatus Double Distillation Micro Kjeldahl & Distillation Apparatus Soxhlet Extraction Unit Vortex Shaker Auxanometer Computer System With Licenced Operating System Internet Facility Farmer Potometer / Ganog Potometer Water And Soil Analysis Testing Kit (digital ) Tissue Culture Rack ( Caster Rack ) Blackman Apparatus Gel Electrophoresis Unit With Power Supply Heating Mantle With Regulator Cap 1 Litre Occular Micrometer/ Stage Micrometer Stem Borer Cod Analyzer Multi Parameter Beanch Oxygen Electrode Rotatory Microtome Specimen 20pices Botany/zoology/physics/chemistry/home Science Map Digital Spectrophotometer Blood Pressure Machine Plant Collection Net Centrifuge Machine Glucometer Inverter Laboratory Stirrer Insect Collection Net Chemical Blance Digital 0.01 To 600gm Chemical Cabinet Storage Rotary Vane Vaccume Pump Oil Free Vacuum Pump Muffle Furnace Refrigerator Digital Melting Pint Apparatus Karl Fisher Titrator Student Polarimeter Digital Conductivity Meter Digital Photo Colorimeter Dissolved Oxygen Meter Flask Shaker ( Wrist Action Type ) Screw Guage/ Vernier Calipers Ammeter Dc/ac Stop Watch Digital / Stop Clock Analog Multimeter /digital Multi Meter Voltmeter Dc/ac / Galvanometer Spectrometer Prism ( Crown/ Flint Glass) Thermometer Different Range Analog To Digital Converter Power Supply Rheostat ( Various Length ) Battery Eliminator Apparatus To Study Specific Resistance-energy Gap Apparatus To Study Characteristics-tunnel Apparatus To Study Characteristics Of Zener Diode Anderson/schering/hay/kelvin/maxwell Apparatus To Study Rc Coupled Amplifier-power Supply Audio Frequency Generator Laclanche Cell Function Generator 1 Hz To 10 Mhz Battery Charger 2 To 12 Volt Apparatus To Study Response Curve For Lcr Apparatus To Draw B-h Curve Of Ferromagnetic Complete Apparatus To Determine The Heating Potentiometer Mos Fet/ Fet Characteristics Apparatus Half Adder /full Adder/half Subtractor Half Wave And Full Wave Rectifier Apparatus Zener Regulated Power Supply 8085/8086 Microprocessor Kit Photo Diode Characteristics Apparatus Digital To Analog Converter With Built In Power Travelling Microscope Series And Parallel Resonance Circuit Solar Cell Characteristics Apparatus Encoder And Decoder Circuit With Built In Power Cro Dual Trace 30/40 Mhz Plancks Constant Using Solar Cell Apparatus Function Generator 0 3 To 30 Mhz Vibration Magnetometer Single Stage And Double Stage R C Couple Power Amplifier ( Trainer Board) Variable Regulated Dc Power Supply 0-30v Range Scr / Ujt Characteristics Apparatus Horizontal Torsion Apparatus Multiplexers And Demultiplexers With Built In Stefan Constant Apparatus Regulated Power Supply Trainer Board Dielectric Constant Apparatus Thermistor Characteristic Apparatus Drill Machine With All Size Bits (hammer) Bread Board (trainer Kit) Study Of Amplitude Modulation And Demodulation Digital Ic Trainer Kit Study Of Crystal Oscillator Four Probe Method Induction Hot Plate With Induction Ports Op-amp As Voltage Follower Trainer Board Youngs Modulus Apparatus Frank Hartz Experiment Setup Using Argon Gas Thyratron Characteristics Apparatus Transistorized Push Pull Amplifier Michelson Interferometer Apparatus Study Of Frequency Modulation And Demodulation Op-amp As Voltage To Frequency/frequency To Study Of Active And Passive Filters Zeeman Effect Experiment Fresnel Biprism Diffraction Apparatus Study Of Tdm-pcm Reciever/ Transmitter Study Of Smps

Tendering Authority: Department of Higher Education

India, Madhya Pradesh, Sidhi



Last Date For Submission

20 Jan, 2023

Closing Date

20 Jan, 2023

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