Supply Of Compressed Air Package For Numaligarh Refinery Expansion Project

Tendering Authority: Numaligarh Refinery Limited

India, Assam, Numaligarh



Last Date For Submission

08 Feb, 2023

Closing Date

08 Feb, 2023

BOQ Items Total Items : 2 | Total Qty : 2
# Item Quantity Units
1 Two (2) Nos. (1 Working + 1 Standby) skid mounted Oil Free, Dust Free Reciprocating Air Compressors, 1P38-KA-6081 A/B with Electric motor drive,Coupling, Bearings and Base Frame. Compressor shall have Inter-stage coolers, After coolers and Wet air separators with auto-drain facility for moisture removal. It shall also have Suction Inlet Valve, Discharge outlet valve along with inlet and outlet flexible connections. Expansion joints as required, Discharge check valve, Noise enclosure (if required), piping, skid mounted instrumentation and accessories are also to be included in the scope of bidder. Inlet air system including inlet air filter, rain hood, silencer, prefabricated air piping between air filter and Compressor first stage (In case of Multistage compressor) and all necessary supports 1 nos of Plant Air Receivers as per ASME SEC VIII Div 1 with its interconnection piping, safety controls, electronic auto-drain trap etc. Note: The Scope of supply shall include all equipment and materials required for the safe and efficient operation of the complete system, but not limited to the items listed in MR ref. TP-1P38A-ME-RFQ-6081_D1 including Spare parts for erection, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up ,Special tools and tackles for erection and start-up of equipment and for operation and maintenance. Bidder to submit documents as per Part-II of MR.Any equipment / material not listed herein but is necessary for smooth, safe & trouble free continuous operation and maintenance of the Compressed Air Package and other facilities; those required as part of good engineering practices shall be deemed to be included.
2 Skid mounted Packaged oil free,dust free Reciprocating Air Compressors with Electric motor drive 2.00 Nos
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