Supply Of CHEMICASL BALANCE DIGITAL .001GM TO 170 GM. INBILT BATARY DISPLAY , Analytical weight 1-100gm weightbox , fractional weight box 1-500mg. , Single Pan digital balance 0.1mg. - 200gm. , Fully Automatic Digital Calorimeter 8 filter stenderd. , Microprocessor Based Automatic pH Meter , Digital potentiometer with hotplate and electrode , Digital conductivity meter 3.6 DIGITAL LED , Dissolved Oxygen Meter , Digital Melting point app. UP TO 300 C MICROPROCESSOR MICROCONTROLE TEMP. , OVEN HOT AIR 14X14X14 M/S UP TO 350 C , WATERBATH 6 HOLE THERMOSTATIC TEMP CONTROLL INSULATION -MINIRAL WOOL , HOT PLATE WITH ENERGY REGULATOR 15000W 25X 10 CM , MAGNATIC STIRER , Cod) Digesting Unit APP.Digital temp.48-33mm , Digital Water & Soil Analysis Kit 6 perameter. , Vertical Electrophoresis system -along powersupply , Flame Photometer Photodiode Sodium, Potassium LED DISPLAY PPM ALONG WITH COMPRESSOR . , deionizer with digital meter 10bar counter pressure warranty 24 month , PAPPER CHROMETOGRAPHY. KIT. , Polrimeter half shade rangr 0-3600vernier accuracy. Sutabilty 200 mm tube , Soxhlet Extraction Unit , Digital spectrophotometer 340-900nm , Compound microscope 4x,10x,40x, 100x eyepices total magnification is 40x , TLC KIT , Microprocessor Based Automatic pH Meter , Binocular Microscope --high intensity uniform eyepiece 10x,with field of view than 22mm adjustment. , Image projection system --resolution bright link 475wi lens 1.80 focal lenght3.71 mm full colour 16.77m/c , Digital Water & Soil Analysis Kit 6 perameter. , Autoclave PORTABLE SAMI AUTOMATIC S.S., VERTICAL , , Vortex shaker , Micro centrifuge 3500 rpm coolent cfc free , Vertical Electrophoresis system -along powersupply , Digital ph meter conductivity meter, and temp meter 0-100 c combind ph electrode. , Mitosis cell division , MEOSIS CELL DIVISION , PAPPER CHROMETOGRAPHY. KIT. , CHEMICASL BALANCE DIGITAL .001GM TO 170 GM. INBILT BATARY DISPLAY , Stope watch digital , COLONY COUNTER DIGITAL , Lab monocular microscope head monocular 90 digree eyepece huygenian15x,10x ,machenical stage ,120 x 120 mm with cllp, focusing movment saparate , HOT AIR OVEN SS , ROTARY MICROTOME WITH ACCESSORY 0.25-100pm with increment. , Autoclave PORTABLE SAMI AUTOMATIC S.S., VERTICAL , , PAPPER CHROMETOGRAPHY. KIT. , CENTRIFUGE MACHINE 16000rpm ragulated timer. , waterbath rectengular 12 hole. Ss75mm , SPECTROMETER 6"7 --------DIMENTION 89.1mm*63.3mm*34.4mm,weight.190g,power consumption 250m A5VDC,full scan memory every 4ms with usb 2.0 port , Optical Bench with rider double bar heavy ------2meter optical bench ,sliding rail,lamp house with mounted road ,12v-24v,universal holder for lenses and 50*50mm slides , horizontaltarsion app------mareial ,steel,weight,15-25(kg)product type, torsion apparatus , F.E.T characteristics------is based on the junction to case therma resistance rating this fet is particular intrest for power and when no determining current parameter no switching losses are accounted for , M.O.S.F.E.T characteristic ------terminal,unipolar,voltagecontroller ,high input impedence devices which form an internalpart of vast variety of electronic circuits , U.I.T CHARACTERISTIC -----a stable triggering voltage(Vp)-a fixed fraction of applied inter base voltage V88.A very low value of tighgering current .a high pulse current capibilty a negative resistance characterics , Thermistar Characteristics Apparatus -------instruments comprises for dc regulated supply 0-10VDC/150mA,two round meter for voltage and current measurment ,one thermistor is kept in oven ,connectionof supplier,meter , diac and triac characteristic appp-----generating pulse are applied betweenMT1and gate terminal the G current to switch 100A ia bi dimenstional swemiconductor switch that can be switched in both polarities , Photo Diode Characteristic app------wavelength sensitiity (AP)940nmopen circuit voltage 0.39v reverse breakdownvoltage 32v reverse light current 407A.reverse dark current 5nA RISE time /fall time 45/45n5 view ange 80 degree packages 5mm , Solar Cell Characteristics -------normal operating cell tempreature open circuit current maximum power point voltages maximum power point current nominal voltages , Phtot Transistor Characteristic app-----low cast visible and IR photodetection available with gain from100 to over 1500 moderately fast response times available ina widerange of packages including epoxy-coated ,transfer molded and surface mounting technology electrical charactristic were similar to that of signal transistor , Transistorized Push Pull Amplifier ----the G current to switch 100A la bi dimentional swemiconductor sitch that can be switched in both polarities , Hartely and Calpits Oscilated --------the basic configuration of the calpits resembles that of the hartely osciliator but the difference this time is instead of a tapped autotransformer type inductor as in the hartely ascilator , transistorized regular power supply -----input 230VAC +/-10%50 Hz single phase output voltages 0-40 VDC continously varriable through coarse and fine +/- 0.015% of max output or better for varriation load current , Clipping and Clamping Circuit using Operation Amplifier -----clipper and clamper are widely used in analog television recivers and FM transmitters , Series and Parallel Resonance Circuit-----at resonance the parallel circuit produce the same equation as for the series resonance circuit .therefore it make no difference if the seires , Impedance and Power Factor of LCR Circuit ------the impedense z of of aseries filc circuit depend upon the singular frequency to as do x and x y the of the capacity reactance t,greater then imductive reactance overall circuit reactance is capative giving a leading phase angle , Physical balance 1-10kg wooden double dore 1/5mg , Spherometer , Ammeter , Voltmeter , stope clock , compound pendulam , Ohms law app. , Analog mutimeter , SCR Charactristics app. , vernier calliper , Screw Gauge 0.22MM BRASS RANGE - 0-25 , MERCURY LAMP 220-240 VOLT 50HZ , TRANFORMER OF MERCURY LAMP

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