Supply Of Cash Remittance Chalan With Perforation, Bank Remittance Chalan With Perforation, Application For Medical Facility-pensioner, Pension Book, Gratuity Register, Ar (audit Register Of Pensions Paid By Cochin Port), Bill Form Pension Bill, Fully Vouched Contingent Bill Form, Medical Charges Re-imbursement Bill For Class Iii & Iv Employees Of The Port, E-form, Delivery Ticket, Appraising Ticket, Gang Requisition, Gate Pass, Shed Diary -double Side, Vehicle Ticket With Numbering & In Duplicate (same Number), Daily Wharf Entry Fee With Counter Foil And Numbering, Import Cargo Sticker-(coloured Card With Sticker), Tally Sheet (1+3), Additional Tally Receipt -2 Colour Ruling (1+3), Posting Statement , Certificate Of Accident On Duty( In Triplicate), Shore Labour Attendance Ledger, Posting Register For Booking Section - Double Coloured Ruling, Wage Book - Double Side, Steamer Register, Cfs Diary, Otb Diary, Berthing Programme, Gang Particulars (register - One Side), Pre-paid Taxi Facility, Delivery Cum Vehicle Ticket, Accident Reporting Book (1+2=3 Colour), Payment Of Contractor's Bill (2 Side), Receipt Book For Fresh Water (original,duplicate,triplicate), Forwarding Of Contractor's Bills, Job Requisition/work Order (mec/c4/f7), Process Monitoring Report -process No.d-1 & Ii, Water Meter Reading Book, Audit Slip To Accompany Bill (2 Side), Quarters Handing Over/taking Over, Statement-ii Overtime/holiday (2 Side), Accident Report, "report Of Accident Part-a (original, Duplicate, Triplicate)44", Ho/to Statement Of Port Properties, Form For Detailed Completion Report, Contractor's Performance Report (2 Side), Deviation Statement, Format Of Purchase Requisition (pr), Lab Test Result Form, Request For X-ray/ecg, Op Ticket, "nursing Record (2 Side)53", D5/ Med. Exam/h/200, Retired Re-imbursement Form(medicine) Double Side Printing, Supply Order For Store Section (2 Side), Prescription Pad, Temperature Chart, Temperature Chart Etc (bp), Clinical Laboratory Requisition Form, Daily Treatment Chart, Eye Test Form62, Local Purchase Form, Diet Sheet (2 Side), Reference Letter To Referral Centre -2 Side, Bed Head Ticket (2 Sheet-4 Pages) (case Sheet), Lab Charge (sanction Order), Lab Test-non Available Certificate, Ecg Cover, Patient Satisfaction Report -2 Side Malayalam, Medicine Stock Register, Op Book, Roster Register For Hospital Staff, Diet Form (2 Side), Pensioners Op Book, Case Sheet (injury), Casualty Register, In-patient Register, Admission Discharge Register, Medical Register, Bill Book, Ambulance Trip Sheet, Daily Check List - 2 Side, Roll Call Sheet, Details Of Fire Calls, Fire Report -2 Side, Special Service- 2 Side, Job Requisition, Daily Routine Check List, Inspection Of Fire Fighting, Ba Sets, Accident Report, Inspection Report On Fire Fighting Instaln, Name/number Of The Craft, Annual Inspection, License For Jetty -2 Side With Perforation, License For Chineese Fishing Net With Perforation, Ma/f -704- With Perforation, Water Receipt Jb With Duplicate, Daily Dredging Returns, Dredger Commander’s Log Book, Crane Log Book, Survey Report, Chief Engineer Log Book, Job Requisition/work Order, Boat Log Book With Numbering, Crew Posting, Purchase Of Non -stock, Weekly Checks, Daily Maintenance Of Fire Pumps, Fire Pump/foam Pump, Requisition For Consumable Stores, Pull Back Operation At Spm, Daily Position, Shipping Programme, Declaration Security- 2 Side, Details Of Ship Arriving, Reporting Of Unauthorized Ships, Hiring Of Tugs, Berthing Information, Ballast Water Reporting, Requisition For Hsd, Pilotage Certificate With Duplicate And Numbering, Engine Log Book Cover Blue- 2 Side, Deck Log Book Cover Green- 2 Side, Vtms Log Book- 2 Side, Report Of Accident Part A -in Triplicate, Report Of Accident Part B - In Triplicate, Marine Log Book, Daily Shipping, Daily Diary Of Marine Foreman 10’x8’- Title Only, Reporting Format For Piracy/robery/theft, Returnable Material Movement Pass In Triplicate, Non Returnable Material Movement Passmec/c/f/2 Intriplicate, Survey Report Of Stores, Weekly Statement Form, Job Reqn./work Order (mec/c6/f-01), Requisition Form (mec/c3/f), Work Through Out Side Agency(me/f-408), Imprest Requisition Form (me/f-414), Demand Progress Register, Hand Book - Safety Awareness Course-40 Pages.- Both Side Printing In Malayalam (binding), Daily Allocation Register(mec/c4/f-1), Complaint Register (mec/d3/f-5), Non Returnable Material Movement Pass (mec/c/f-2) In Triplicate, Returnable Material Movement Pass (mec/c4/f3) In Triplicate, Test Report Forms, Job History Card, Completion Report, Testing Register, Meter Reading Register, Meter Register, Calibration Register, Meter Complaint Register, Disconnection & Reconnection Register, Electrical Log Book Of New Power House, Log Book Of Dg Set At Cfh, Daily Allocation Cum Requisition Register For Mobile Crane, Site Order Book, Format Of Material Stock Register, Tod Meter Reading Register, Hindrance Register (1 Set= 8 Pages), Register Of Local Purchase (lp), Register Of Material At Site, Preventive Maintenance Schedule Of Transformers, Daily Allocation Cum Requisition Register For Electric Cranes, Crane Log Book, Log Sheet For 110 Kv Sub-station, Apprenticeship Contract Registration Card (1 Set = 6 Pages), Job Requisition/work Order, Electricity Application Form (1 Set = 7 Pages), Receipt Book 4 Nos. In 1 Page With Duplicate With Perforation, Register For Issue/receipts Of Permits, Register Of Receipts, Handing Over/taking Over Register-2 Side, Water Bill Form With Duplicate, Ele. Bill Form With Duplicate & Double Side Printing, Lease Register With Blue Ruling With Half Calico Binding, License Book - Inner 4 Pages (1 Set) Innner And Outer Total 6 Pages, Visitors Book180, Lettter Head (dc/tm/ce/cme/cmo/gad/fin), Cisf Annual Performance Assessment Report-4 Pages, Indent Requisition Register-400 Pages, Gl.diary Book 100sheets In A Book(200pages)legal Size, Beat Book 50 Sheet In A Book, Kit Certificates, Log Book -200 Pages, Individual Kit Issue Register-folio, Issue/receipt Ledger (stock Ledger), Apar-3sets, Attendance Register Sheet, Log Sheet, Employee Service Book, Employee Service Book

Tendering Authority: COCHIN PORT TRUST

India, Kerala, Ernakulam



Last Date For Submission

21 Jun, 2022

Closing Date

21 Jun, 2022

Tender InquiryInquiry