Tendering Authority: INDIAN ARMY

India, Punjab, Jalandhar



Last Date For Submission

11 Jun, 2021

Closing Date

11 Jun, 2021


supply of buy medicines - buy of various items of medicines to mh jalandhar - rapid plasma reagin (rpr) test kit. the kit should contain the following :- i) rpr antigen suspension ii) positive control serum iii) negative control serum iv) disposable plastic cards v) disposable plastic dropper vi) disposable applicator sticks for mixing vii) antigen delivery dropper to deliver drop of appx 15-20 mirolitres viii) rubber teats, apd drainage bag 15 ltrs with minicap, iodine free salt tab, bag of 25kg, hollow fibre polypropylene/polysulphone plasma filter with tubings p2 dry,0.6-1m2/pdy, prothrombin time reagents to give control of 10-14 secs, dextrose monohydrate for oral use in pack of 100gm with or without vitamins and minerals, tissue paper, alcohol dehydrated, slide, microscope, thickness 1.15 to 1.35mm size 75mm x 25mm, sterile swab sticks with container , single pack, c reactive protein (kit for 50 tests), ra factor test, rapid test for pregnancy(100 test kit) one step card test, kits for estimation of creatinine, kits for estimation of cholestrol, kit for triglyceride estimation (100 ml), kits for estimation of glucose, kit for estimation of bilirubin, kits for estimation of sgpt (alt)., micro pippete 2-20 microlitre, aerosol barrier tips 200-1000 microlitre (pack of 100), aerosol barrier tips 10-200 microlitre (pack of 100), micro centrifuge tube 1.5ml (pack of 100), micro centrifuge tube 2ml (pack of 100), pcr plate, sealing paper of pcr plate, ethanol (isopropanel), vtm with dacron swab stick, occult blood test, pttk reagent, calcium chloride soln for pttk test, replaces glass, cover, microscopic, rectangular pv 16442 22x50 mm made of usp no 1 glass pkt of 14 gm, replaces glass, cover,microscopic, rectangular pv 16446 22x40mm made of usp no 1 glass pkt of 14 gm, ready made zn stain, ready made gram's stain, ptca guidewire, hydrophilic, fully polymer covered wire family with transitionless grind from core-to-tip 190 cm pilot, hybrid coated nitinol wire with soft tip load of <1gm and core-to-tip design with transitionless grind from core to tip 190 cm bmw elite, rota wire floppy

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