Supply Of Bushing Camshaft, Liner Cylinder, Plug Expansion, Plug, Cap Main Bearing, Piston Cooling Valve, Seal D Ring, Gasket Cover Plate, Breather, Hose, Clamp, Hose Plain, Hose Clamp, Hose Plain, Clamp, Kit, Seal O Ring, O Ring, Seal O Ring, Tube Water Inlet, Tube Water Outlet, Tube, Piston Kit, Ring Set Ar 10680, Engine Connecting Rod, Bolt Connecting Rod, Bearing Connecting, Connecting Rod Bearing, Ring Snap, Connction Fuel Block, Adopter Hose, Hose Flexible, Elbow, Hose Flexible, Hose Flex, Hose Flex, Hose (flexible)stc, Hose Flex, O Ring, Hose Flex, Core Cooler, Cap Filler, Dipstick, Assembly Crankshaft, Main Bearing Kit, Pully Crank Shaft, Head Lube Oil Filter, Follower Cam Shaft, Push Rod, Push Rod, Collet Valve, Retainer Valve Spring, Rotator Valve, Spring Valve, Guide Valve Stem, Valve Exh, Valve Intake, Insert Valve, Insert Intank, Cross Head, Valve, Gasket Cylinder Head, Cylinder Head, Core Aftercooler, Connection Pipe, Hose, Seal Oil, Pointer ,timing, Lever Rocker, Lever Rocker, Rocker Lever, Rocker Lever Housing Gasket, Gasket Cover, Water Transfer Tube, Tube Water Transfer, Retaining Ring, Thermostat, O Ring, Sealing Washer, Kit Stc Tappet Repair, Barrel Plunger & Cup, Screen, Manifold Exhaust, Manifold, Manifold Fuel L.b. Front R.b, Tube Fuel Supply, Tube Fuel Supply, Tube Fuel Transfer, Oil Control Valve, Connection Fuel, Connection Fuel, Sleeve Wear, Seal, Drive Accessory, L. Oil Pump, Shim, Shut Down Valve, Hose Assy., Pump Water, Turbo, Hose Flexible, Hose Flexible, Hose Flexible, Union Male, Lower Engine Gasket Kit, Gasket Seal, Gasket, 3001305 Gasket, Grommet Seal, 3177556-k2 Seal Rect Ring, Connection Tube, O Ring, Seal Ferrule, Nut Tube, Lube Oil Filter, Puller Gear, Compression Ring, Compressor Air, Piston Air Compressor, Cffstrip For Cast Iron And Steel, Hose Flex, Hose Flexible, Hose Flex, Gasket, Pulley Accessory Drive, Connection Oil Transfer, Manifold Oil, Lock Washer, Gauge L.o. Pressure, Screw,hex Flange Head Cap, Lock Nut, Gasket, Union ,male, O Ring, Rod Engine Connecting, Lever Throttle, Washer Lock, Cap Screw, Gov Plunger, Gove Plunger, Plunger, Plunger, Ring Snap, Plunger Idler, Shim Governor Spring, Shim 0.020, Shim, Screen Filter, Gasket Governor Set, Pump Fuel Gear, Ring Gear/gear Sly Wheel Ring, Seal, 0110460 Spring Comp, Spring Idle, Shim, Shim, Shim, Gasket Fuel Pump, 70813 Screw, Stop Throttle Shaft, Washer, Plunger, Capscrew, Ring Retaining, Spider Jaw Coupling, Cap Screw, Diaphragm, Plunger Governer, Plunger, O Ring, Twelve Point Cap Screw, Leaver Throttle, Cap Screw Socket Head, Plunger, Shaft Throttel, Drive Tachometer, Fuel Pump Filter Cap, Plunger Idler, Plunger, Plunger, Plunger Idle Spring, Plunger Idle Spring, Plunger Idle, Plunger Idle Spring, Plunger, Plunger, Plunger

Tendering Authority: South Eastern Coalfields Limited

India, Chhattisgarh, Dipka



Last Date For Submission

06 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

06 Oct, 2022

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NTID: 29214237
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