Supply Of Boq - Hot Air oven for drying slides (45 degree celsius), Digigal analytical Balance, Balance Micro, Spectophotometer, ELISA (Demonstration), Glass ware and accessories, Pipette (10ml,5ml,2ml,1ml) 100Each, Beakers(100ml,200ml) 100 Each, Beakers (500ml,1000ml,2000ml) 50 each, Test Tube (15ml), Test Tube (10 ml), Conical Flask, Test Tube Stand, Test Tube Holder, Glass Rods, Urinometer Calibrated (Mercury based instruments to be replaced with suitable alternatives), Complete Chromatographic unit for paper & TLC(2 each), Densitometer with computer, Bottle dispensers, Glucometer with strips

Tendering Authority: Medical Education And Training

India, Uttar Pradesh, Pratapgarh-UP



Last Date For Submission

30 Jul, 2021

Closing Date

30 Jul, 2021

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