Supply Of Boq - Copper choke for 40w tube ligt, 36w Slim Tube light, LED tube light T-8, 22w, Tube light T-5, 28w, Tube light T-5, 14w, Electronic choke 36w, Plug Top 5 amp, Plug top 15 amp, Plug top 25 amp, 25amp modular socket of north west make, 5 amp modular socket of North west make, 16 amp modular socket of North west make, 16 amp modular switch of north west make, 5 amp modular switch o North west make, 32 amp M.C.B (sp) tini Trip North west make, 32 amp M.C.B. (DP) Tini trip North west make, 3x3 inch modular for 1/2 module North West make, 5x3 inch modular for 4 module north west make, 8x3 inch modular for 6 module north west make, 4x3 inch modular for 3 module north west make, 5x5 inch modular for 8 module north west make, Regulator single module (north west), regulator double module-(North west), 20 amp plug industrial type, 3x3 switch/socket combined, copper wire 1.0 sqm ISIS make, copper wire 2.5 sq m ISI make, copper wire 4.0 sq m ISI make, Copper wire 1.5 sq m ISI make, Copper wire 3 core, 1.5 sq,m of ISI make, Capacitor, 2.5 MFD ISI make of ISI make, 15 amp. Power strip 3+1 of ISI make, PVC tape ISI make, Cotton tape ISI make, Hole type, copper, thimble 70 sq.m, 15 watt LED light for outdoor, surface mount round or sq. shape, 5x3 PVC Box, 5x5 PVC box, 8x3 PVC Box, 4x3 PVC Box, 3x3 PVC Box, 25 amp MCB (SP), 25 amp MCB (sp), 16 amp MCB (sp), 100 amp MCCB (tp), 160 amp MCCB (TP), 200 amp MCCB (TP), 63 amp Isolator (DP), 100 amp Isolator (4P), 18w LED light Round surface, 36w (2x2 fitting ) LED light panel, 100 amp ELCB, 300 MA (4P) Tripring capacity, 100 amp (4P) HRC fuse HNC size 00, 250 amp HRC Fuse type HN size-I

Tendering Authority: Ministry Of Environment Forest And Climate Change

India, Delhi, Delhi



Last Date For Submission

02 Aug, 2021

Closing Date

02 Aug, 2021

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