Tendering Authority: East Central Railway

India, Uttar Pradesh, Azamgarh



Last Date For Submission

19 May, 2021

Closing Date

19 May, 2021


supply of aoh kit for elgi compressor model trc 1000 mnug consisting of 35 items - pl bottom s/v ss15 ts12/15, pl s/v ss15 ts12/15 hp20, pl dv ss15 ts12/15 hp20, spring dv ss15 ts12/15 hp20, seal oil b45x60x12.5 ss07/10, pkg hv20/25/30 sp10/12/15/20, valve pl del trc1000mn, valve pl suc trc1000mn/1000b, valve spring suc trc1000mn, valve spring del trc1000mn, pkg ds assy trc1000mn/1000b, gasket fly end ts10, gasket free end ts10, valve breather, gasket big cyl to d/v dia100, gasket small d/v to cyl head, seat valve 1/4"drain valve, ring pkg 21x25x2 lg01100/11100, pkg big dia60 d/v trc1000mn, pkg small dia60 d/v trc1000mn, circlip internal 18 mm, circlip internal 20 mm, gasket head dia90 rr14100, filter media trc1000mn ug, gasket dia 90 head rr14100, rubber bush filter assy mnug, sealing ring filter assy mnug, piston ring set dia100 mnug, piston ring set dia60 mnug, kit spare mdv mn ug, gasket 0.25 c/case to cyl ts05, gasket 0.4 c/case to cyl ts05, gasket 0.75 c/case to cyl ts05, spring s/v dia100(ug), gasket flange small hp20330s

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