Supply Of 1 Myograph stand 2 Low Voltage unit for Tapping 2 and 4 volts for stimulation 3 Electromagnitic time markes 4 Electrodes 5 Mary's tambour 6 Demonstration eye piece 7 Double Demonstration eye piece 8 Stag incubator 9 Wastergen's Pipettes for E.S.R. on Stand(With space Pipette) 10 Wintrobe's Pipettes for ESR and PCV with stand 11 Stethoscope, Demonstration with multiple ear pieces 12 Van slyko's Apparatus Manometeric

Tendering Authority: Medical Education And Training

India, Uttar Pradesh, Pratapgarh-UP



Last Date For Submission

07 Aug, 2021

Closing Date

07 Aug, 2021

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