Supply Of 1 Digital Thermometer (OPD)(OG) 2 Digital Thermometer (Low Reading) (SNCU) 3 Digital Thermometer 4 Adult Weighing machine (Digital)(As per Specification) 5 Baby Weighing Scale (Digital) (As per Specification) 6 Baby Weighing Machine (Digital) (As per Specification) 7 Height Measurement Chart (feet/CM) with stand 8 Instrument Sterilizer (S.S)(Medium) (Electrical)(As per Specification) 9 Instrument Steriliser S.S (Big) (Electrical)(As per Specification) 10 Sterilzer Drum (Medium) (S.S)(AS per specification) 11 Autoclave Drum (Medium) (S.S)(AS per specification) 12 Dressing Drum (Medium) (S.S)(AS per specification) 13 Surgical Bin Assorted 14 Examanination Tray/Instrument Tray (S.S)(As per Specification) 15 Baby Tray (S.S)(AS per Specification) 16 Instrument Tray (SS) Assorted 17 Kidney Tray (SS)(Medium) 18 Speculum (S.S) 19 veginal Speculum (S.S) 20 Speculum SIMS (Medium) 21 Speculum (Double Blade Speculum)(large size) 22 Speculum (S.S)(Large) 23 Speculum SIMS (Large) 24 Speculum SIMS (Small) 25 Speculum Cusco (angled curvature, smooth surface with side screw) (Large) 26 Speculum Cusco (Medium) 27 Speculum Cusco (Small) 28 Sponge Holder (10")(S.S) 29 Sponge Holding Forecep (12"Spong holding Forceps) (27/26cm) 30 Veginal Wall Retractor (Lateral)(S.S) 31 Anterior Vaginal Wall Retractor 32 Allies Forecep (12 cm)(S.S)(Allis tissue forceps medium) 33 Kochers Forecep Straight Kocher’s(21cm) 34 PPIUCD Insertion Forcep (S.S) 35 Ringle Forecep (for PPIUCD) 36 Cheatle Forecep (S.S)(11”Double/S’ curved type with serrated working surface) 37 Scissor (S.S)(Mayo Scissors 18cm) 38 Epiciotomy Scissor 39 Thread Cutting Scissor(6")(S.S) 40 Uterine Sound (12.5”, Blunt tip with thumb grip, Flex curvature with graduation) 41 Artery Forcep (Straight artery forceps small-12cm) 42 Artery Forcep (Curved Artery forceps small)(12cm) 43 Tooth Forcep (Tooth Dissecting forceps)(17cm) 44 Needle Holder (Needle Holder of tungsten carbide curved tip) (20.5cm) 45 Hub Cutter (Electrical)(AS per specification) 46 Needle Cutter & Melter (Electrical) (As per Specification) 47 Foetal Doppler (O & G) 48 Autoclave (Single Bin) (AS per Specification) 49 Bed Pan (SS) Filter 50 Back Rest 51 Patients Waiting Chairs (Moulded) 52 Bowl for Anticeptic Lotion (Medium)(S.S) (Galipot Bowel) 53 Bowl for Anticeptic Lotion (small)(6/3)/Galipot Bowel)

Tendering Authority: Health And Family Welfare Department

India, Odisha, Balangir



Last Date For Submission

03 Aug, 2021

Closing Date

03 Aug, 2021

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