Supply, Installation, Supply Installation Testing And Commissioning Of Air Conditioning And Mechanical Ventilation Works At Vallam Vadagal Sriperumbudur.

Tendering Authority: Tidel Park Limited

India, Tamil Nadu, Chennai



Last Date For Submission

14 Nov, 2022

Closing Date

14 Nov, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 527 | Total Qty : 47349
# Item Quantity Units
3 To Design, supply, customs clearance, freight upto site, insurance, delivery, hoisting, installing, testing and commissioning of the following items as shown on the equipment data and drawing for complete and satisfactory operation and control and to local authorities approval. The units shall be anti-corrosive suitable for coastal area application.
4 BMS interfacing type microprocessor controlled Roof top air-cooled liquid chiller package suitable for refrigerant R-134a having multiple screw type compressors (semi hermetic type) complete with suction and discharge shut off valves, automatic safety control HP/LP cutouts, oil pressure failure switch, gauge panel, crankcase heater, automatic capacity control, condenser coils, fans relief valve, flooded chiller with shell and tube evaporater, multiple circuits, controls such as thermostatic expansion valve, cooling thermostat, antifreeze thermostat, water pressure/flow switch for double circuit system as per drawing, differential pressure switch, integral refrigerant pipes & fittings, stainer, sight glass, isolating valves, suction piping and chiller, 20mm dia chiller drain valve, sight glass, insulation, first charge of gas and oil, base frames, rubber isolation bellows, vibration isolation springs, integral wiring. Unit mounted microprocessor-based panel (BACnet Confirmatory and IBM compatible, complete with chiller sequencing management with built-in self diagnostic capability, quickly pin point the location of any system problem. Unit mounted isolator/fuse switch etc capable to handle the cooling requirements as detailed below.
5 Important Note: The minimum Co-efficient of performance (COP) of chillers shall meet to 3.1 or above at AHRI conditions.
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