Supply Installation And Commissioning Of Machines And Equipment For Setting Up Of Commonincubation Centre On Turnkey Basis At Sasrd Nagaland University Medziphema Chumukedima District Formerly Under Dimapur District Nagaland - Primary Processing Of Fruits & Vegetable, Washing- Bubble Washing, Roller Washing With Slant Conveyer Belt Or Jet Washing Mechanism/ Washing Tub With Conveyor Roller System, Curing Facility, Pre-cooling, Size Grader, Cold Storage, Multifunctional Vegetable Cutters, Juice & Beverage Processing (pineapple), Fruit Pulper Cum Finisher, Juice Extractor, Collection Tank, Steam Jacketed Kettle, Raw Juice Screw Transfer Pump For Automatic Delivery, Blending Tank With Agitator, Homogenizer, Filter, Deaerator, Processed Juice Collection Tank, Processed Juice Transfer Pump, Pasteurizer With All Accessories And Fittings, Pet Bottle Rinsing / Washing Machine, Piston Filler With Capping Provision, Cooling Tank, Labelling And Printing System, Non Ibr Steam Boiler, Dehydration Line (king Chilli), Peeler, Slicer, Dicer, Steam Jacketed Kettle, Blanching Tank, Drier, Vacuum Packaging Machine, Labelling And Printing System, Pineapple Canning Line, Can Seamer, Flanger, Can Reformer, Can Beader, Exhaust Box, Retort, Blancher, Steam Jacketed Kettle, Cooling Tank, Slicer, Dicer, Peeler, Labelling And Printing System, Pickle Processing Line, Peeler, Slicer, Dicer, Steam Jacketed Kettle, Blanching Tank, Mixing Tank, Lug Capping Machine, Bottle Washer, Drier, Labelling And Printing System, Food Testing Lab, Hot Air Oven, Soxhlet Apparatus, Protein Kjeldhal Apparatus, Fibre Analyzer, Muffle Furnace- Ash Content, Weighing Balance, Microbial Load Analysis-laminar Flow Chamber, Autoclave And Incubator Etc., Refractometers, Ph Meter, Gun Thermometer, Glassware Etc, Accessories, Stove, Cutter, Spoons, Utensils, Storage Racks, Work Tables, Storage Tanks, Crates, Boiler Pipes, Dairy Pipes, Fittings, Electrical Fittings, Plumbing Fittings And Furniture And Fixtures That Are Integral To The Incubation Centre. (as Per The Standard Requirement Of The Incubation Centre), Laying And Jointing Pvc Pipe. Heading, Effluent Treatment Plant (etp), Reverse Osmosis (ro) Plant, Generator And Related Technical Civil Work That Are Integral To The Incubation Centre. (as Per The Standard Requirement Of The Incubation Centre)

Tendering Authority: Department Of Industries And Commerce

India, Nagaland, Dimapur



Last Date For Submission

25 Oct, 2022

Closing Date

25 Oct, 2022

BOQ Items Total Items : 72 | Total Qty : 68
# Item Quantity Units
1 Primary Processing of Fruits & vegetable
2 Washing- bubble washing, roller washing with slant conveyer belt or jet washing mechanism/ washing tub with conveyor roller system 1.000 Nos
3 Curing facility 2.000 Nos
4 Pre-cooling 2.000 Nos
5 Size Grader 1.000 Nos
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